*** Creature Making Contest 2023 Winner Announcement ***

Big thanks to everyone who entered our 2023 Creature Making Contest! Your submissions were fantastic, and, as always, it was extremely tough to choose a winner. But one entry stood out to us for its unforgettable blending of familiar and otherworldy forms, and it is our pleasure to offer a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our Grand Prize winner, Gergő Lengyel, for his entry Alien Creature, an extraterrestrial nightmare that none of us on the Stan Winston School team would like to meet in outer space.

In Gergő’s words:
“When designing, my intention was to make this creature look humanoid at first glance, but on closer inspection, I would move away from the ordinary form. It has no hands, multiple tails, and instead of a head, it has a transparent bladder with tentacles on the end.”

You achieved your design goal in out-of-this-world fashion, Gergő, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

Grand Prize sponsored by our awesome friends at Polytek and Silpak!

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Grand Prize Winner:

Gergő Lengyel - Alien Creature:


Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Alessando Licul - Sentinel of Atlantis

Butterfinch - Craal the Dark Woodland Elf sculpture. 1/3 scale

Radish - Squeek:

Elisabetta Visentini - Althea:

Hakeem Ali - The epic of Gilgamesh (Humbaba battle)

Mr_spacelobster - Bz-Bzazu the Shaman-King

Russ Adams - 46" Minotaur Action Figure 

Sami Ylönen - King Anxio, the epitome of anxiety

Subeen - Turtle silicone mask!

細菌 陳 - Frog cavalry

Adam Gregory - Cosmic God Alien Queen on model Kelly Panther

- Team SWSCA

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