Craal the Dark Woodland Elf sculpture. 1/3 scale

 This "Craal the Dark woodland Elf"

Craal is an original design, something I’ve had at the back of mind for a little while. He’s sculpted from monster clay and stands about 19 inches tall. He’s 1/3 scale which seems to be a scale I like to use for these kind of sculpt/projects. As soon as a I have a bit more time I’m going to mould him, cast him out and give him the paintjob he so desperately deserves!

As well as wanting to make an original character i wanted to produce a figurative sculpt that really focuses on detail, anatomy and  expression through hand gesture.

I wanted to share this design in a bid to release Craal into the world and hopefully be considered for your compitition!!!

Many thanks, Max Payn



video of craal    


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