‘Squeek’ is a reimagining of the character from the unmade video game ‘Squeek’s Oddysee’ which was to be developed by Oddworld Inhabitants.

Squeeks Oddysee was to be the third game in a ‘Quintology’ of games set within the Oddworld universe devised by series director and writer Lorne Lanning. This game however was never put into full production.

Very little of who the character of Squeek was to be exists aside from a single concept image and a rough description. The characters image is described as being the result of animal testing, to quote series director Lorne Lanning

"the Vykkers who were animal researchers that would kill a million bunnies to make a better fabric softener, had been making robotic life support devices [...] They'd stick what was left of you in this clunky robotic form and tossed you out on the street."

As a huge fan of Oddworld and its characters, this was a great project to get stuck into. ‘Squeek’ has an acquired disability and has to adapt to survive within the harsh world - so must embody a sense of perseverance through adversity.

Narratively it made sense to me for 'Squeek' to not be empowered by these ‘robotic’ additions or for them to be a suitable replacement for whatever was taken but instead made to adapt to these harsh physiological changes and cling to life.

Created as part of my MA prosthetics effects course at Falmouth University. It was a dream project, sculpted by hand in Monster Clay and cast in Easyflo Clear to maintain a tranluscent look to the skin. The robotic form was designed in zBrush and 3d printed in resin, the rear 'Oxygen tank' was scratch built from an old mayonnaise bottle and found objects. Thanks for looking!


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