King Anxio, the epitome of anxiety

King Anxio, the epitome of anxiety
My goal was to make a monster with elegant features, something that has leaked out from nightmares, a figure that embodies the suffocating feelings of anxiety. I didn't want to make anything too straight forward or too abstract either so that's why I chose hands as a metaphore or as a symbol to depict what I was searching for. Also the idea of using fingers as a creepy crown-like form was very intriguing. I always try to make art that has multiple levels so the goal was also to create a piece that audience can interpret in their own way. This is my first mask with more complex forms and there were moments when I was totally lost but I'm glad I managed to get the mask out of the mold somewhat alive... the mold didn't survive though :(
I used monster clay for sculpting, ultracal for mold and platsil 25 + deadener for casting. The black robe is not final outfit for the character. I have planned to use this mask in a black metal music video or maybe a short film.

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