Frog cavalry

The frog cavalry wears bright armor and is equipped with a trident as their primary weapon, which not only allows for long-range attacks but is also effective in water battles. In addition, they use a bundle of hemp rope as their throwing tool, which can be used to attack enemies from a distance. Once the trident hits the target, they can quickly retract the rope and immobilize the enemy, defeating them.

The equipment and skills of these frog cavalry give them a great advantage on the battlefield, but more importantly, it is their courage and fighting spirit that sets them apart. Whenever the Swamp Kingdom is threatened, they are always the first to rush into battle, standing strong against thousands of enemies.

The design is created using basic structures made of polystyrene and wire, along with materials such as tape and newspaper to create a distinct appearance. To make the structure more stable, a layer of aluminum foil is wrapped around the basic structure, and then the structure and design are further refined to present a unique style and form.

To make the frog cavalry's appearance more refined, aluminum foil and newspaper are carved and adjusted to further enhance their muscular and powerful appearance. Special emphasis is placed on the frog-like characteristics of the frog cavalry, with the addition of protuberances on their skin. Resin clay is used to create the texture of the muscles on the surface, and cotton swabs are used to shape the protruding bumps.


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