*** Halloween Costume Contest Winner Announcement ***

We'd like to extend a HUGE THANKS to everyone who shared their creations for 2019's Halloween Costume Contest! Every fall, we look forward to this contest to see how high you have all raised the bar and this year didn't disappoint!

Since, as our winner points out, "legend has it that Halloween started in Ireland," it's only fitting that the Grand Prize goes to a native of The Emerald Isle. Ladies and gentlemen, it is our great pleasure to announce that this year's Halloween Costume Contest winner is Julian Checkley for his badass Batman XE Suit!

Julian's win is made all the more sweet by the fact that the suit has taken him nearly 2 years to build and wasn't ready in time for last Halloween. Well, Mr. Checkley, good things come to those who wait, and we applaud you on your commitment to making this one of the coolest Batman suits we've ever seen. 

From top to bottom, we were impressed with the amount of care and detail you put into the suit: starting with the custom lenses and magnetic mouthpiece of the cowl, all the way down to the counterweights in the boots and arms to give the exo-skeleton more freedom of movement.

So congratulations from all of us at Stan Winston School, Julian, we hope you enjoy your Grand Prize - Sponsored by our friends at Mouldlife!

Grand Prize Pack: Over $800 Value!

  • From Mouldlife:
    • Smith's Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener - 32oz
    • PlatSil FS-20 Silicone - 32oz Kit
    • PlatSil Gel 00 Silicone - 32oz Kit
    • PlatSil Gel 10 Silicone - 32oz Kit
    • Go-Cast - Superior Quality Life Casting Silicone - 500G Kit
    • Pro-Gel 10 Superior Quality Silicone - 500G Kit
    • Pro-Gel 10 Superior Quality Softener - 1kg
    • Pro Plastic Bald Cap Encapsulator - 500ml
    • Kensington Gore Theatrical Blood - Arterial, Aged, Venial - 100ml each
  • From The Stan Winston School:
    • 1-Year Unlimited Subscription to Stan Winston School - $359.94 value!
    • Artist Spotlight on the Stan Winston School Blog - PRICELESS
    • Stan Winston School T-Shirt - $30 value!

Honorable Mentions:

- Team Stan Winston School


  • This is just downright outstanding, congratulations, very well deserved!

    Too many awesome things to point out, but I love the application of EL wire and those abs are a fantastic mix of organic and armor.
  • Thank you so much guys!
    I’m absolutely thrilled to bits, this has been a real shock tbh. I wasn’t even going to enter after looking at all the amazing costumes that were entered. The talent on here is incredible I was blown away. Well done all 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😊
    Thank you to the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, Stan was a personal hero of mine growing up. The online courses are a god send, I’ll look forward to watching some more now.
    And thanks also to Mouldlife, can’t wait to get my hands on all that amazing kit, I feel inspired to build something new after 2 years slogging away on that Bat suit. 😉🦇
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