SWAMP THING Halloween Costume Contest Entry

Hey everyone, here is my Swamp Thing costume, hope you like it.  I sculpted the mask in chavant clay, molded in fiberglass, and cast in silicone. Painted with silicone paint. The torso, abs, thighs, and cod were fabricated from reticyretic foam and skinned with Lycra spandex and neoprene coating, then pained with acrylics and covered in moss, Vines, (real) fresh flowers, etc. The mushrooms/fungus were sculpted with foam clay. The lower legs were made with insulation foam (for a 9" lift) and covered in expanding foam for an 'emerging from the muck' look. The arms were sculpted and molded in silicone then cast in soft polyfoam, skinned in Lycra spandex and neoprene coating, and covered in moss. I stand about 6'9 in the costume. 


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