Batman XE Suit

Legend has it that Halloween started here in Ireland so it’s a pretty big deal over here!
So this was what I wore for my Halloween, the weather here in Ireland was awful so this Batman e(X)treme (E)nviroment suit came in pretty handy! It was actually extremely warm and cosy in the suit!
I’ve been building the suit for the last 2 years and I didn’t really get to dress up last Halloween as I didn’t have this one ready in time. Hopefully it’s been worth the wait
Everything was sculpted, moulded and cast in various grades of urethane rubber by me. Super soft rubber for the flexible parts and firmer rubber  for the hard armour parts. The shoulder armour that the cape and upper exo-skeleton mounts onto is made from fibreglass and aluminium powder to take the weight.  
The exo-skeleton in the boots and arms are semi-active ie. they are counter weighted with bungees and actuators so that the frame of the exo-skeleton can move freely. 
The suit itself is also fitted with EL lighting throughout imitating the heating elements and a custom made micro fogger to add smoke, therefore augmenting the heating effect. For added menace I developed some curved lenses for the cowl that light up along with a magnetically attached mouth piece. 
For sone small details a friend helped me 3D print some detail parts to help bring the suit to life. 
Overall, with the suit on it stands around 7 feet tall and weighs in at around 150lbs, certainly an imposing figure to help bring justice to streets on Halloween night!


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