Halloween Costume Contest - Draenei costume

I am Enishi, cosplayer from Russia.
I just want to share my work with you. (World of Warcraft - Maraad)
This costume was made by me and my wife for me.
It's not really a “Halloween costume” in the usual sense, but I just found a reason to share my work with people who inspire me =)

Costume was made of EVA-foam, with foam rubber body, LEDs, wood, epoxy resin and silicone makeup (It was our first work with fx make up)

I have video about making - https://youtu.be/1Ija693vqzE
And video from stage - https://youtu.be/bEWlXDvV4Z8


Here is convention photos:

And professional photo (by Sei Photo)
Also, backstage from shooting - https://youtu.be/GRf1OwSbRB8

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