• The head was hand sculpted out of WED clay, two part plaster mold, cast in Creature Cast Rubber and back filled with polyfoam. The inner head is multiple fiberglass shells to fit the model just right, fitted with 2 fans and drone goggles attached to a camera for ease of vision.

    The body was scratch patterned, cut and glued upholstery foam for bulk then using the same pattern the fur was cut and hand sewn to create the monsters outer layer.

    Under the body suit was a scratch built full body harness and pvc back to attach the legs, which the spider legs were made out of various thickness of pvc gauge to lessen the weight and golf balls and pvc couplings altered to create full articulating joints!

    And finally an Amazon spidey suit was purchased to thrash and weather to give it that classic horror monster transformation feeling.

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