Bubble Head Nurse (Silent Hill) Costume!


My name is Jennifer and this is my Bubble Head Nurse from the video game Silent Hill 2!
I made the mask by sculpting it, moulding it in ultra-cal, and then casting it is plat-sil get 10. Most of the colouring was done during the casting stage, with dirt added later. I can see about 20% out of two holes I cut into the 'folds' of the silicone. 
I made the hate out of a canvas material so it would hold it's shape, and pinned it through the silicone so it would stay on (even when I was upside down!)
The dress an old dress that I heavily modified, and stained using coffee, dirt effect and paints. 
My rusty pipe was a cardboard tube painted to look like metal. 
For the body I laid down some light foundation and then splattered various different alcohol inks over top, and added a couple of temporary vein tattoos to finish it off!
I was really happy with how this came out! And I'm lucky that one of my photographer friends was willing to take a few shots for me. 
(I'm also posting this from Australia, where we are a day ahead, but it's still not midnight in Pacific time so I hope I'm not too late!) 


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