Kid or Zombie? Why not both?

This year my son wanted to dress up as himself AND as a zombie. His idea was to have a mask that looked like him and a secondary look underneath. After watching all sorts of courses on SWS, we started with a full-head lifecast and went on from there. The result was a pretty striking transformation.

Video Reveal

The mask was cast with tinted and flocked translucent resin, painted, and includes acrylic eyes.
The Zombie appliance was sculpted on a core made from the original lifecast. The final piece is encapsulated silicone.

Full Credits:
Lifecasting, sculpting, molding, casting, prosthetic makeup application, photography all done by myself.
Mask coloring completed by a friend.
Acrylic eyes were purchased.

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  • Process photos, because they're always fun to see.

    Obligatory lifecasting face. :smiley:

    Stone pull from lifecast mold. This was only used to make the positive core for sculpting the silicone appliance.

    Clay pull from lifecast mold. This is several layers of clay, backed with expanding foam. Required a ton of sculptural cleanup, as well as cutting in acrylic eye blanks. This was remolded to make a fully corrected head for making the likeness mask.

    Added back a little more detail than was really necessary for the final mask, but wanted to do it up right while we were making the effort.

    Fully corrected head. Adding on the eyebrows turned out to be a mistake, but I'd never tried sculpting them before and wanted to give it a whirl. Live and learn!

    Now we're getting a little creepy.

    It took a few tries to get the color and flocking the way we wanted it and we cut the faces off of all of them just to have a few spares.

    Obviously skipping a few steps on creating the positive core here. The stone pull was molded with alginate to take a new pull of just the face, that was trimmed down to just the part we needed and then turned into the full core here. The appliance was sculpted on top of that. Looking back, I wish I would have gone back and evened out the edge of the sculpture a little better, but it ended up working fine.

    Completed fiberglass and epoxy mold.

    Silicone encapsulated in cap plastic. This took a few tries to get right and still wasn't perfect but did the job well. The biggest change I would make next time is to put some clay around the eyes and also break up the flashing where it goes over the top and bottom.

    Application day!

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