*** 2023 Halloween Costume Contest Winner Announcement ***

Thank you to all the exceptional artists who submitted their work to our 2023 Halloween Costume Contest. Your entries were both artistically inspiring and creative. It wasn't easy to single out one winner, but after much deliberation, we're proud to present the coveted Grand Prize to a true visionary. Please join us in honoring Maxence Fleuret and Erin Zaneski for their extraordinary creative masterpiece, "The HALFSTRONAUT!" costume. Congratulations!

Here are some techniques that Maxence and Erin ingeniously employed to breathe life into this creation:

"Veins and small tubes are made of yarn.

Guts are pantyhose filled with scraps and covered in latex.

Liquid latex nernies for all the fleshy dangling bits and the exploded waist.

Everything is stitched to two black morphsuits, and the guts are removable, so we could float freely when needed!

The astronaut suit itself was distressed of course, painted with water-based paint and charcoal. We then used silicone to slather layers of blood on top."

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Grand Prize Winner:

The HALFSTRONAUT! by Maxence Fleuret


Faun - Pan's Labyrinth by Jonathan R Brito

Honorable Mentions:

Necromorph from Dead Space by Chi kit Wan

"Smokey" a ghostbusters inspired Halloween costume by Shane Stover

CENOBITE "MODEST WEAVER" by Daniel Aguilarte García

Custom Killer Klowns from Outer Space by Carlos Gomez

The Exorcist 1973 by AshleyComstocksfx Regan MacNeil


Dapper Cthulhu by Walkinglegendstudios

- Team SWSCA

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