Necromorph from Dead Space

Hello, This is Wilfred from Hong Kong. My Necromorph's concept is from the video game call "Dead Space" with some other designs by myself. In the game, the character is quite skinny. However, I have to wear it on myself so I have to build the body part bigger to fit me inside. I am so glad I can finish it before the halloween day and having so much fun with people on the Halloween night.

The Blade part is made by EVA foam and latex and the monster teeth is made by tin foil and casting urethane.

The head is sculpted by zbrush and casting in silicone with a 3d print mold.

The palms are sculpt by NSP medium. all the others are sculpt by water base clay.

The Head/Body/Hand/Leg parts are casting by silicone. Those muscle around the mouth are made by platselgel 00 in free hand.

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