Regan MacNeil - The Exorcist 1973

Hello! My name is Ashley Comstock and I am currently in makeup and FX school in Florida, I decided to choose Regan from the original exorcist movie to do a cosplay of. (This was my first complete attempt from concept to application for silicone appliances!)

First I took a life cast of my model's face, made my positive and negative molds of that, made a snap mold for the nose, and began sculpting! 

I mixed up and poured the silicone appliances, attempting to tint the silicone to a close match to my model's natural skin tone.

I made three silicone prosthetic pieces, the nose, the eyebrows, and the right cheek appliance. My model's nose was more pointy and as Regans is more round I decided to give my model a slightly rounder nose and included the nose cut as well. I made a silicone prosthetic eyebrow piece to cover the brows more seamlessly, rather than gluing down the brows and trying the hide the hair with powder and paint, as well as give that original Rick Baker look with the pronounced brow and sunken eyes. There are five cuts on the silicone cheek appliance which I made look a little infected with Skin Illustrator paints and blood fx.

I bought the wig and dress online, for the wig I layered hairspray and a water and glycerin mixture to make the hair look oily and look like she had not showered for days/weeks. I even took some of the leftover silicone rolled it into little balls and stuck those in the hair to make it look like there were chunks of vomit in her hair! For the dress, I stained it in a coffee mixture overnight, then went in with airbrush paints on the dress to make even harsher stains in the armpits, around the seams, I sand-papered the white lace to make it look like it had been worn and washed several times. I also bought green contacts.

I utilized alcohol paints and airbrush paints to help with a consistent color match between the model's skin and the silicone prosthetics. I used eyeshadow around the eyes, nose, and undereyes to make her look more demonic/sickly. I used the airbrush paints to do some veining around the face, neck, hands/arms. I also made the cut on the forehead with 3rd degree as well. For finishing touches I airbrushed the hands and nails, made her lips look extra chapped and gnarly, used tobacco and green tooth stain, applied some scab blood, and spread on pea soup to look like vomit on the dress and around the mouth (as was utilized in the original film!).

I also made a vomiting apparatus, with clear tubing and a vacuum pump!

Of course, the original makeup for this character was done by Dick Smith!

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