Faun - Pan's Labyrinth

Hey Guys, Greetings from Brazil!!

I'm a cosplayer for more than 10 years and always loved Guillermo Del Toro's work, the Faun was a "Cosplan" for a really really long time, and recently i felt like i had enough skills gathered through the years to build this with very very limited resources, hope you like the process  <3  


1- The Head

I Think the head is the most Important part of the entire suit, because is what's "sell" the character do i decided to make a facecast and sculpt to make sure the face will fit in my own. also build a "Skull" with foam to sculpt on that and the horns also with foam. the face was Cast in liquid latex and attatched to the skull.

2- The Torso

The torso was build with a combination of Spandex, Foam, 3D paint and Liquid latex, i have to redesign several times to make sure that the proportions was okay

3- The Hands

The hands are a little tricky, because the format and the movement, so i decided to build the back on foam and the palm with latex

4-The Legs

The legs definitely was the most dificult part to figure out, the thinking of "oh... how i'm gonna do that.....?"... i studied A LOT of ways to do that cause i didn't want to do like the original shooting of the movie, cause Doug Jones's legs are visible... so i decided to do the way around, build fake Thighs and use my own shins, so my legs will be a little more hidden.
As the rest of the suit, this one was made with foam and latex.

5- The Final Costume

It was a long way until here but i am very proud of what i did, i still had to do a nice photoshoot in locations, but i hope you guys like the way everything turned out!

And as a little extra... I'm so happy that Guillermo Del Toro itself noticed me <3<3<3 


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