"Smokey" a ghostbusters inspired Halloween costume

This year my family and I decided on a ghostbusters theme for our Halloween costumes.  For my costume, I wanted to create something that could live in the "ghostbusters" universe, but that was original in design.  I call him "Smokey".   I designed and built a full head silicone mask, with a light up head, and fog machine.  The mask had a rigid underskull that supported the silicone skin, and house the led's that lit the head.  I also made a fat suit and silicone hands to fill out the look.  I referenced a bunch of the Stan Winston School tutorials including Dawn Dininger's fat suit, Ted Haines muscle suit, the immortal team's molding and casting, Chris Grossnickle's silicone patching, and Tim Gore and Jamie Grove's silicone painting videos.  They were an immense help and I couldn't have made it with out these incredible lessons.  Here are some final pics, as well as some in progress shots of the build.  Hope you enjoy.



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