*** Character Makeup Contest 2021 Winner Announcement ***

To everyone who entered our 2021 Character Makeup Contest, your creativity knows no bounds! Your entries spanned a huge range of styles and mediums from subtle shadow and highlight likeness makeups to elaborate otherworldy prosthetic characters, and everything in between.

Selecting a Grand Prize winner was tough (as always) but we're excited to announce that 1st place goes to eunahyou's haunting entry: The Hell Gatekeeper!

According to eunahyou, the makeup creation was inspired by "the 18 stages of hell in Buddhist mythology." Beyond the artistry of its execution, one of the reasons we loved this character is the storytelling going on in the design. The meaning of the mark between the Gatekeeper's eyes "is the pain of parting with loved ones," explains eunahyou, and we can think of no more frightening hell than that.

Congratulations, eunahyou! We hope you enjoy the Grand Prize package below, sponsored by our friends at EBA Performance Makeup!

Grand Prize Pack: Over $900 Value!

  • From EBA Performance Makeup -  $549 Value!
    • 10 pack Endura SFX 1oz
    • Encore palette Autopsy
    • Encore Blood 16oz
    • Voda 1oz 10pack
    • Silabond adhesive by Howard Berger 2oz
    • SB thinner 2oz
  • From Stan Winston School
    • 1-Year Unlimited Subscription to Stan Winston School - $359.94 value!
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Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Underwater Queen by RosaSFX

Nosferatu from Murnau's 1922 film by AlexArtFX

Nature's Revenge by Sophie Garinskas

Gnome by mdk27daniel 

Christmas Who by Li-sa Choi

The Rock & The Faun by Colin Wilson

Mr Hyde by Marie Doiteau

Davy Jones Crewmate by AndyRae

Human Bird Hybrid by Refikasalih

 - Team SWSCA
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    This is Amazing!! Congratulations!! I'm signing up for the full year and can't wait to do compete!!!
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    Thanks for the Mention! Well done to all!
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    Congratulations eunahyou for your win!  And thanks Team SWSCA for the honourable mention!  :) 
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    GG eunahyou for your amazing work!!! <3
    Thanks for the honorable mention! ^^ And well done to all!

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