The Rock & the Faun

As a makeup artist I was very inspired by David Marti's work on actor Doug Jones from the film 'Pans Labyrinth' and in particular the 'Faun' as I am a animal lover and the fantasy element just heightens this. 

I decided to do my own Faun to suit a favourite natural environment in my area called 'Somersby Falls'. I made the costume by starting with a lycra pants and zip-up top based on the models measurements. I then sculpted different bark/tree like textures, moulded and cast them out of latex. Tree roots were made from twisted paper towel and latex. It was all then painted. Big learning curve! Horns were made from paper Mache then painted and mounted onto a latex base that could then be attached to a bald cap. 

The face was sculpted on the models face cast, moulded and ran out of foam latex. Then painted to match the colours of the costume. The model wore 'white' contact lenses and ears (out of foam) and small facial hair pieces were attached. I sculpted everything, made the bald cap, the horns, the lycra suit underneath, the body suit, the facial hair pieces. Moulded/cast and painted everything myself. This particular makeup caused me to win 'Fantasy makeup artist of the year 2020' with the 'Australian Makeup Industry Awards' and 'Character design & application of the year 2020' with the 'Makeup Artist Guild Asia Pacific'. Any comment/feedback welcome and good luck to all :) 

link to the short film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqgeAaXhYIY  

behind the scenes shots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jghfDgV_FPw 

time lapse clip of me painting the Faun suit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tco3ZRlU3VU  

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