Nosferatu from Murnau's 1922 film

Hello everyone! My name is Alex. I'm an SFX artist located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

This makeup was based on the original interpretation of Max Schreck in Murnau's film "Nosferatu" with some details inspired by the outstanding Mike Hill lifesize sculpture.

 It was achieved through a combination of transfers, gelatin prosthetics and a plastic baldcap. The hairpieces such as the eyebrows were also made by me. The nails were individually sculpted and casted in acrylic as the teeth. I was lucky to do this live makeup at a convention in 2017.

Mike Hill's outstanding lifesize Nosferatu.

Max Schreck's 1922 Nosferatu portrayal.

Making special effects in our country is a very complicated task so we put a lot of effort every time to make them possible. I hope you like my work and good luck to you all!

Model: Lucas Loescher

Instagram: @alex.artfx

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