*** Halloween Costume Contest Winner Announcement ***

Thanks to all of you who entered our 2018 Halloween Costume contest! It continues to be our favorite contest of the year, and once again, you've shocked us with the quality and variety of your costumes.

We are excited to announce that this year's Grand Prize goes to full-time firefighter, part-time monster maker, Jeff Shimek, for his world-class "World of Warcraft" Grommash costume, built by hand in his garage during downtime from his job as a Captain in the Austin, Texas Fire Department.

"I finished this guy late last year," said Jeff. "Several SWSCA videos helped me immensely, not the least of which was Tim Gore's silicone painting. I completed this entire build by myself. It took right at 2 and a half years. I have many build pictures on my FB if you are interested. Happy Halloween!"

Although Jeff has been sculpting and making masks since he was 8-years old, Grommash is his first full-scale costume project, and we couldn't be more impressed with the results, including the sculpting, mold making & casting skills, fabrication, costuming, hair work, and the absolutely colossal variety of painting and finishing techniques it took for him to complete this genuinely badass costume!

All hail Jeff Shimek and Grommash Hellscream, Chieftain of the Warsong Clan! You've won Halloween 2018! (And the awesome Grand Prize pack below).

Grand Prize Pack: Worth over $700!

  • A Silicone "Half Mask" (does not include hair-punched masks) - Sponsored by Immortal Masks* - $375 value!
  • Artist Spotlight on the Stan Winston School Blog - PRICELESS
  • 1-Year Unlimited Subscription to Stan Winston School - $359.94 value!

*Immortal Masks is the leader in Silicone Masks and Custom Creatures created by REAL Hollywood FX Artists! Their Hyper Realistic Silicone Masks are created with their amazing FLEX FUSION SYSTEM to ensure the most durable silicone masks in the industry.

- Team Stan Winston School

Honorable Mentions:

Abaddon by Vlad Taupes & Josef Rarach

Dragon Slayer by Austin Mathews

Baby Smaug by Courtney Rippstein

Scarecrow Nightmares by Kevin Foutz


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