Scarecrow Nightmares

I am told that this Scarecrow costume that I designed and made myself is what nightmares are made of.  (pictures and details below)

The mask was made using a simple plastic face mask as a base. I cut away the lower part of the mouth and created a hinged jaw so that I could open and close my mouth. I built up the brow, cheek bones, and other facial features using hot glue before forming and attaching the burlap. The jaw is connected with elastic band material and the mask itself is attached by a thick velcro strap that is then covered and hidden by the burlap that covers the entire head. Stitching, buttons, rusted safety pins, and paint were added to add detail and age. The bright green contacts really complete the look and are almost hypnotic.

The base hat was made of grey felt with wires sewn into the brim and point to allow it to be shaped. I added more buttons, and patches of old material, and stitched it all together. Paint was then used to age and weather the surfaces, in addition to some acrylic painted bird droppings.

I used an old overcoat I had purchased at a thrift shop for the cloak. I thrashed the jacked to make it look old and worn, and then used old shirts to add patches and the details on the lapel and flaps. Stitching, more buttons, and rusty safety pins and barbed wire (but not real barbed wire ;) ) hold it all together. I included a crow on the shoulder and used paint to add additional detail, age, and more bird droppings. The vest, and skeleton hand necklace were actually repurposed from another costume, but I love how they look with the rest of the outfit. Boots, layered undershirts, pants, and gloves were also thrift store finds that were weathered and customized to fit the theme.

This costume is a blast to wear and gets a lot of attention. Thank you so much for your consideration! I'd be happy to answer any additional questions anyone might have. 
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  • Love this design man! Really like all the little details you put into the outfit!
  • Hey Kevin, I was wanting to ask you some questions about your scarecrow! Its super sick! What kind of long shirts did you use to sew to the inside? Also, did you patch under neath the shoulders of the jacket before you added the old clothing? Thank you!
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