Baby Smaug - Costume Contest

I wanted to make an infant version of Smaug, recently hatched (I'm much too small to be Smaug at his full size! I struggle with things on my face so I needed to make a version of this that would allow me to keep my face free. It's made from polystyrene, craft, and upholstery foam, fiberglass rods, fabric, puff paint, and clay! 


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    Alas I do not have photos of that but I did a drawing of how they went together - The gloves  had decoy fingers. I could easily remove the hands if I needed to work with my own hands for something. I liked how I could manipulate my wings in a life like manner this way, but I as for the look I would do it 1000 times better a second time around. I don't care much for the look; the straightness of the bones is too unnatural, and how the skin of the wings wasn't attached to my arms. But very good for a first go for sure! 

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    Really cool build Courtney. Your foam sculpting is awesome. Nicely done!
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