Here is an original creature concept. The face was sculpted in Chavant clay, molded in Ultracal, and ran in foam latex. The helmet and chest piece were sculpted in Wed clay, molded in silicone, and casted in resin. For the outfit, I sewed fabric fur to make the under shirt, cloak, and kilt. All of the little details like the bottles attached to the belt were made using various liquds and wax. The wraps around the arms and legs were fabricated using leather straps and suede cord. This design was inspired by General Roth'h'ar Sarris from Galaxy Quest and Kurgan from Highlander. For context: This Dragon Slayer devours the hearts of his prey. Over time he has become the very thing that he has hunted.


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    Nice work man! I've always thought that dude from Galaxy Quest was cool looking. Great original costume!
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