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    Ventriloquist dummy with all the popular puppet mechanisms. Like self centering moving eyes, moving eye brows, eye blinks, moving mouth, mouth sneer, tongue sticks out, moving ears and nose. Go from sculpting a puppets head, feet and hands. Molding and casting to installing mechanisms to painting and installing hair. 
  • Ashley BosworthAshley Bosworth Massachusetts
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    In the teeth making tutorial with John Cherevka, you guys were talking about doing a Walking Dead zombie with the exposed teeth and how you would do that on the model. That would be dope if you showed how to go about that!
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    I say other because it's most all the categories, the least being makeup. Technically, I do "puppets" but I have little experience and desire in the rod puppet category with the exception of the mechanics for the more advanced types. I do more of the Micheal Curry Broadway type. I've just started watching the classes here and absolutely loved the 3-axis neck class. Im just starting to incorporate electronics into my stuff. Most everything I've done so far has been rods, cables, and other mechanical stuff but I'm eager to start working with servos and Arduino. I love the mechanical, fabrication (foam, wood, metals, plastics)  I love the world of casting and molding, but my sculpting is a little weak. I need to get better at design, which goes hand in hand with developing my ability to draw. I also want to improve my painting of both props and puppets. The robot suit y'all did with Wired and legacy is right up my alley. I could keep going, but basically this is why I'm here. I'm the one stop shop for unique, special, difficult, intricate and complicated things in the Logos Theatre and SWSCA is the next best step for me to grow myself, my department, and what we produce. 
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    i would love to learn more on bladders both air and blood, ive such a fun foundation id love to have more tools in my pocket
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    I really like the new silicone mask molding videos. I would like to see videos of them patching, painting, and adding hair and fur to their silicone mask. 

  • shankerxdhanush@gmail.com[email protected] texas
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    I've learned quite a bit from the on-line courses already! I am currently working (prelim stages) on a large Dragon (head & neck base is about 6 1/2'). The smaller movements seem pretty straight forward, but the larger ones are proving to be difficult. I've done quite a bit of it on parade floats and Halloween haunts, but so far everything has been full in & out movement with no subtleties. get-mxplayer.in
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  • Fur suits. Aka Sasquatch, apeS etc. to compliment the muscle suit course. NFT is great but also showing more affordable ways to get professional results. Hook and loop through mesh, stock long pile fur altered etc. 
  • Sculpting
    There are amazing sculptors I would love to see and hear from on how they do their work flow. From large armatures, posing characters, doing scaling and proportions, symmetry and anatomy, blocking, primary secondary and refining forms. Creating mass and weight to forms with folds and wrinkles. Surface textures, human and animal. My personal favorite artists that I would love to see teach these are: Steve Wang, Josh Weston, Wayne Anderson, Brian Wade to name a few. Even with the amazing videos on here on the subject, each tends to focus on an aspect of the work. Maybe a group of sculptors could do a creature suit sculpture or large display piece from start to finish so we can see the whole process and how artists can blend their styles together. Thanks, and stay safe!
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    I'm really interested in learning about how to create a core for sculpting and molding, both premade (before sculpting) and making one from an existing epoxy mold to be used as an underskull
  • PeterPeter Washington
    Hello.  Immortal Masks gave an excellent course on mold making for silicone masks but didn’t show how the fiberglass core was made, which is actually part of the mold, so naturally, I feel a little short-changed.  Apparently, it’s a very specialized core, specific to the silicone mask making process, not your standard Ed head which can be purchased from Reynolds or monster makers mostly used in latex mask making, which is an entirely different animal.  It would be extremely helpful to see a demonstration of the techniques used in fabricating this particular type of core.  It’s a very strong core, made from the same Smooth-On epoxy resins as the outer mold, more than likely laminated from the inside of a rubber mold supported with a mother mold.  I already have a pretty good idea of how they’re made but can’t wrap my brain around how you would be able to see what you’re doing inside the head when your arm is blocking most of your view while reaching through the neck and holding a chip brush.  I understand it might be able to be made in two halves at first, but eventually it would need to be laminated together from the inside to withstand being pried on without the two halves separating.  Rotation casting resin would be extremely challenging, dealing with multiple planes of the shoulders, neck and head and I don’t believe it would be nearly as strong as it should be.  I believe a class on this would set me and others who might be interested in this in the right direction.

    Another aspect of the craft that’s only touched on but never elaborated on is the complexities of vacuum degassing.  Where to buy the pumps, where to buy or how to make your own chamber, what additional hardware is needed and how to attach/instal it and how to maintain and use them properly and safely.  It’s frustrating to be able to mix and pour silicones but not have hardly any info on purchasing or building a vacuum degassing set up.  A class or even a mini tutorial covering this would be quite helpful.    
  • Sculpting
    Hi there, I would like to know how to mold a complexe shape :)
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     1.Materials Science/ Safety/ Sourcing/Disposal as a comprehensive science and engineering driven course with a look at new and old materials.  I would like history included, because... this would be an awesome course, with death and intrigue... 
    2. Ethics and Practices course on intellectual property and... i don't know what I don't know..., what our rights are and the rights of others (I might not have found this yet...) I have never sculpted yoda, or anyone from his race, but as his owners are more powerful and watchdog like than anyone else, talk me through making and posting a fan art yoda, and at what point putting that face on a mug would be trouble... vs. Bernie Sanders and his mittens which (I am assuming) as more of a public figure, I would be safer creating and selling a likeness of than I would my next-door neighbor without their permission... or... every possible thing to know in this area... as well as other media distribution ethics and practices... like when to and when not to sign an NDA, and what that actually obligates us to, or what a reasonable NDA for a project looks like and when/where/why to use one...
    3. Digitization and Computer integrations.  How to take a character and get it into a digital medium, and the different avenues for exposure and revenue in those situations... and of course, if you don't have it already, how to do the green and blue screen stuff with our creations with an understanding of what that workload is if not a granular explanation of the softwares... best way to take my sculpture, digitize it for 3d printing, and how to sell or market the design... even just how to get better photos of sculptures and... even how to light compositions... 

    That's what I want to learn that have yet to find, but I know there are plenty of courses in these pathways.  I love everything I have absorbed so far, and really enjoy getting to feel like a part of this community.  Y'all seem as willing to help each other as potters, which is awesome... too many trades have extra hurdles, and I find a few hundred dollars a really small hurdle for all of these lessons. granted, all learning goes on with materials, and there is no end to how many financial burdens materials addictions breed... (I love my pugmill)

  • MarianneMarianne Denmark
    I just finished 3/3 muscle suit courses by Ted Haines, which has been terrific! So informative, inspiring and really well communicated. As mentioned in the end of 3/3, there will be a course following these, that covers the fabrication of fur, neck, head, hands and feet of a werewolf or bigfoot costume. When will this course be launched? 
    Thank you so much for all this valuable information on here 🙏🏻
  • Puppets
    Hi Marianne, Fur suit creation is on our course development agenda although not as a continuation of Ted's muscle suit courses. Thanks for your patience!

  • Other (tell us in the comments!)
    Would love courses doing a deep dive into the world of action figures and table top miniatures. Touching on things like when to 3d print and when to go traditional, how to sell 3d printed items as a side hussle and much more.
  • RaoulAramosRaoulAramos Cambridge, UK
    More videos of monster airbrush painting. Each of them is such a valuable source of information.. but they are so many detailing techniques (veining is well-covered but what about wrinkles, nose and mouth, etc.) and other texture painting (painting wood-like pattern, rocky creatures, scaly creatures, etc...)
  • Painting
    Really would love to see something on super realistic rock painting. Getting something to look like actual stone, and esp different kinds of stone.
  • Other (tell us in the comments!)
    The 2 things id like to learn most are making props hand held or otherwise as well as how to do hand laid feathers for a full suit similar to say the original Howard the Duck suit
  • I would like to learn about Bald Cap Make-Ups - the "new methode" using Opsite Flexifix to help hold the hair down.

  • GhoulieGhoulie Toilet
    Monster hand puppets like Ghoulies, Gremlins, Critters ect 
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