What would you like to learn from the Stan Winston School?



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    I want to see animation classes; the Stan Winston School could orient the classes around monsters and space to keep the theme going. Animation is a skill you can grasp without spending years in a classroom. If you could break it up into elements of 3D animation, that would be amazing! Example: backdrops (space, haunted house, scary forest), characters, how to's generally, making characters look realistic, you get it. 2D classes would have been my first request years ago before I learned how and developed my own techniques.

    #2 Motion capture!!!!!!! If you can put it into a 3D movie or CGI/real blend, for sure!
  • Sculpting
    I would love to learn how to make a severed hand, or maybe a silicone mask!!!
  • Other (tell us in the comments!)
    latex mask making, different kinds of strapping for a mask and paint with a brush 
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    Makeup Effects
    I would like to see courses on full body cast, to make body parts,  as well as full size mannequin, to work from in order to make prosthetics. 
    There is a lot on the wed but nothing comprehensive.
    I would like to make life size mannequin in order to practice first aid, in all type of situation as well as injuries. Even a pregnant woman belly prosthetics would be great for training.
  • MonkabooMonkaboo Phoenix, Arizona
    Other (tell us in the comments!)
    I would love for someone to do a solid, behind the scenes, paper weathering lessons. Posters, ticket stubs, journals, maps, old money, and really anything to do with paper weathering. There is MORE to this craft than some old coffee/tea and dipping sheets into it. Also, how to make paper products. Passports, manuals, old official documents, thing like that. 
  • Sculpting
    I would learn to make animatronic animals and Monsters that will look creepy and real
  • Robert ThomasRobert Thomas Garden Grove, CA
    More airbrush stuff with latex masks and resin busts please. 
  • I'd love to see more gore prop building and horror film stuff, I learned a whole lot of things from the Gary Tunnicliffe tutorial on making the withered corpse it was fantastic! I really love learning about techniques that come from everyday household materials the contact adhesive and hairdryer technique was awesome! 
  • Other (tell us in the comments!)
    How costumes and armor are fabricated for film!
  • Puppets
    I'd really love to dig into some of the older movies / effects that are still amazing even by today's standards. One in particular is I would LOVE to learn how to do a cable controlled mask. So combining Puppets with Makeup Effects to do something like Sloth from The Goonies. 
  • Other (tell us in the comments!)
    I'd love to see a tutorial on how to make, mold foam or rubber based armor pieces for costumes aka stunt suits and or props. 
  • Other (tell us in the comments!)
    I'd like to see more prop tutorials! how to make sci-fi armor, weapons, costumes etc. From design to finished product, how to choose materials, modifying pre-existing equipment into a prop. Lots of potential here...
  • I would like to see a course about baldiez-beards. Hand layed hair on a base of cap material. It should cover different types of hair, hair preparation, adhesives, cap plastics.... 

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    I would love to see how a professional makeup artist babysits a prosthetic makeup on set, under weather conditions humid or hot, how he/she does touch ups in front of the camera like balancing the reds or adjusting color, touch ups after lunch, or after 10 hours of shooting when the director FINALLY wants a close up of the thing and the makeup is starting to fall apart, when something is fixable or if needs to be replaced, how to talk to the DP about the lighthing for prosthetics, technical stuff but yeah, I'd love to see something like that. Good opportunity to show that you are not always gonna have a nice clean place to do your stuff. 
  • Sculpting
    One thing that would be fun to find out more is sculpting  & fabrication for 1/6-scale figures.   Dioramas for that scale would also be interesting!
  • Mathew AmosMathew Amos Martinsburg WV
    How to make realistic fake fingernails for monsters and severed props. 
  • Other (tell us in the comments!)
    Id love to learn the squib technique that Tom Savini uses, i've been using the compressed air with tubing technique and although effective id love to understand how he dose it. 
  • Other (tell us in the comments!)
    I would love a class on casting stop motion puppets and mouth replacement 
  • Sculpting
    slush casting! I know it's not a crazy complicated process but you'd be surprised what tiny gems your teachers lay down even in passing comments!
  • GrantGrant England
    More sculpting bust and how to get a likeness using monster clay not wed clay 
  • Painting
    I would like to see a course on the Epoxy Prosthetic Dental Appliances John Cherevka talked about during his Epoxy Eyeball tutorial. Seeing that done from sculpt to finish prosthetic would be awesome.
  • Maria RiggsMaria Riggs daleville Indiana
    Makeup Effects
    I would like to learn sanitation for makeup effects! 
  • Other (tell us in the comments!)
    I'd love to get a lesson on the process of making/molding with a core for a full head mask. I've looked all over, and that seems to be a subject with very little instructional information. Thanks for everything you guys do!!
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    I'm a big fan of stuff like the plastic bag monsters. I'd love to see more tutorials about working on a budget with household materials.

  • Other (tell us in the comments!)
    A course on how to light and shoot prosthetics/puppets/ creatures etc. would be awesome! How to bring out color and texture, shadowing techniques, shot angles to maximize effectiveness of a creature, how to light low-budget projects... Anything that could help the work look as good as it can onscreen. Thanks!
  • Enigma art studiosEnigma art studios Los angeles
    It would be great to get a master molder to show us how to make collapsible core armature for hands and head  casts with magnets, maybe a 3 or for piece mold and a course on how to circumvent molding problems like linking fingers and fangs to avoid air bubbles 
  • Learning is never too late. I always find something new and interesting. I can never visit the homeland of special effects in Los Angeles. Too expensive for me :) But I have always been a fan of your art. Thank you for the inspiration!
  • Fabrication
    The bouble-triple parallellagram! 
    Or, the way you can manipulate a puppet head, the way it turns and angles. 
    Or Stilts for digitigrade werewolves/aliens/other
    Or  Snarl mechanisms for jaw reactive masks! 
  • MariaSmithMariaSmith New York
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    I want to lean sculpture Art.
    I'm a student of Arts at New York University and doing my specialization sculpture art. But still, I want to learn more because I'm greedy. Recently I design sculpture art of Japanese warrior wearing a Noh mask you can see it below. I present this sculpture in the art exhibition and what I got first prize. But still, I have to learn more that's I choose this forum to learn something beyond.

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  • David ChanDavid Chan Germany
    I would love to see cast and molding from an complicated figure. But from the beginning that the armature doesnt needs to be cutted later is that even possible? To set the connection points from Arms or body during the sculpting process?
    And can I buy thoose connection points or have it to model by myself and cast them ?
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