Bulk Yak hair?

Is there a US source for bulk Yak hair/fiber?

The only place I can find it are those Chinese websites, which I don't trust. 

Thanks 😊 


  • Same question. Out of 5 purchases, I received one real hair, all others were falsely advertising and were all synthetic. 

  • Hi @Jeffrey Mahon and @Darrell Green - I reached out to master hair artist Connie Grayson Criswell about this and this is her advice: 

    When we worked building gorillas & the Grinch [with Rick Baker], we used Michael Ratajczak & Co from England: http://www.ratajczak.co.uk

    For a U.S. source of Yak hair, try calling Extensions Plus in Tarzana, CA: (818) 881-5611. Their website is: https://www.extensions-plus.com
  • Thank you!!
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    Hi, I’m Prasun from India, I’m a member of SWS for more than 4 yrs and learnt a lot here. I’m currently working on an Animatronic Bear costume and we are using 100% real yak hair. After a lot of searching I’ve managed to find a source in Sikkim for real yak hair and then I get it cleaned and processed from a wig maker in Calcutta…If there are no restrictions in sending Yak hair from here I can definitely arrange for you….how much and which color u need

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  • Here’s my youtube channel

    u can checkout my gorilla costume here….innthis one i used yak hair but mixed it with nylon hair which, I realised, I shudn’t have done…its very difficult to maintain it.

    And my insta handle is 

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    Thank you Matt @Matt Winston Winston, and I was very excited to see Criswell had answered. I was completely new to wigs at seeing her introduction video and now feel very comfortable with diving in "head" first. She is so practical and real world but at such an exceptional level of knowledge. Please extend my noob thanks to her.
  • My pleasure @Darrell Green

    Great to hear you found Connie's course to be helpful. I'll pass along your thanks to her.
  • @Prasun Basu i checked out the video..have a few questions about materials..servos..etc...would love to discuss but you have comments turned off
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