Will Turner cosplay costume fabrics help needed

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Do we have any instructors who worked on Pirates of the Caribbean?

I am doing a Will Turner cosplay build and was hoping to get some fabric tips, or swatch names for the build. Hoping for jacket, shirt, bandana and pants material descriptions and tints. I cannot find any hi def pics that give me cloth weave and true colors for these items prior to color grading done on the films.

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  • As seen clearly in this display, the coat that looks gray black throughout the film is actually blue or blue gray.
  • Wow, color correcting, lighting, and lenses make a big difference on how costumes look on screen.
    When it comes to costumes/cosplay I have to ask myself if we should aim for how we saw it on screen/ think it looked VS how it actually looks in person.
  • @Jared Lee I only recently came to that conclusion and decided that what is onscreen is what represents the reality of the character as a fin8shed product. So, now the really bad news... when color grading is not consistent from moment to moment. The Will Turner coat consistently shows as black or weathered gray black through several movies but the bandana, olive greenish in real life, shows as most certainly gray and then seconds later under the same lighting in the same scene as pale olive green. It is maddening. I rewatched the end scene in potc5 Dead men tell no tales, last night. Gray, then green, then gray, all in one scene, no changes to lighting or environment, just digital color grading changes.
  • No doubt, that is frustrating.
  • Just to bring this full circle: I used corduroy breeches, cotton bandana, cotton shirt, and linen coat, resin poured the buckles and used painted vinyl for the belts. However, I would suggest brass for the upper buckle, copper for the lower buckle and top grain leather for both belts. I will do a full build thread when complete.
  • Sorry, I just saw that I only said corduroy, it is 100 percent cotton corduroy breeches.
  • Oh and my sash material ended up being cotton polyester blend with one printed side and I made the tassle ends using cross stitch thread.
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