Total Newbie 57 yo and 13 yo daughter where shall we start

Hi everyone! So much exciting content that i have no idea where to start. I would like to learn drawing technique, painting, special effects, cosplay, puppets ... i love it all and so does my daughter.I used to draw a lot when i was a teenager; as my daughter does now. I am a bit rusty, but i used to be good at copying photos of statues or others works ... i have no idea how to find my own voice in art. My creative energy has been used for most of my adult life in dancing, music and creating costumes to perform in, as well as choreographing etc. My daughter is very good at drawing and she can draw on a tablet too; which i have never done. I have bought loads of different pencils, art pens, paints etc so we are geared up to get started. I would classify myself as a beginner as i have not drawn anything other than costumes for a long time. Can you suggest a good starting point for us mum and daughter duo to get started :)   (My daughter has been dancing, playing music etc with me all these years so she has the artistic creativity in her too :)  We are here to have fun! We also love going along to Cosplay events.


  • On the main page, on the left, you will find an option called pathways. Each pathway is in order of beginner to expert or as best the team could sort them on specific topics like drawing, painting  and other actual career paths. I would advise picking any topic of the ones you mentioned and choose that pathway. Even if you only do the first few classes in each pathway, at least they will be the beginner level like you want. If you just did a search, instead, for painting, drawing, etc., you might very well accidentally pick an advanced course. As for keeping up with all the users here and seeing some of their work, here in the forums and posting yours, I would suggest searching specific thread topics like makeup effects and cosplay. You already figured out the best way and that was to ask. Have fun, it is intense in here.
  • Just noticed my directions were not detailed enough. To find the Pathways link, first click on the Stan Winston icon at the top, then click on the bars in the upper left.... the pancakes. Then on the left you will see Pathways.
  • Painting has its own path but drawing is included in the "Design" path.
  • thank you so much Darrel ... thats exactly the direction i was looking for
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