Tim Allen's Last Man Standing - Kyle Anderson Impersonation Cosplay costume

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While stopping for pizza, I had a strange encounter with a clerk who acted as though he had seen a ghost. He called for his manager who also just stared at me. My wife laughed and asked them who they thought I was as this happens more than a few times a year. They said "Oh, obviously not him then" and explained they thought I played Kyle from Last Man Standing. A week later, I was in line at the pharmacy and it happened again and I asked "Who did you think I was?" and the clerk said Kyle from last man standing. So, I knew I could pull off the costume if I ever found out who this Kyle person was. I watched one episode, picked my scenes and started work. I first dug out some pants I already had and began to plan my facial hair and scheduled to have my brown hair bleached.

After getting all color stripped, I gradually recolored to screen match.
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    I quickly realized some items were pretty custom and started my online searching. I custom ordered my hat and hat band to match from France's Bon Clic Bon, hat shop and they matched the picture I sent.
    I then found the two prong belt at an English online shop, belt-designs.com.

    I found the shoes on ebay, nicely worn to screen match.

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    The first step for the shirt was finding a match online. I bought three different shirts as the color on the first two did not match what they showed in the ads. Then I needed to create the art logo for the stores custom work shirts. The online screen captures of Kyle's shirt were all of low quality and never a flat usable image.

    I captured a nearly clean image of the company icon, a jumping fish, as displayed in a scene showing the front of the Outdoor Man store, and a usable template photo of the shirt logo. The shirt design is different than the logo used as the large sign on the outside of the store. I used the fish image, built the frame for the lettering and built the custom logo font by modifying the letter shapes from another close font found in Photoshop.

    The shirt logo was first ordered online as a print which was too shiny. Second order was online embroidery which was too highly detailed, unlike the washed out true screen version. The third was from a local shirt shop where I could talk with them about what I needed.

    The shop, Paramount Printing in Roseburg Oregon, ( https://www.paramountscreenprinting.com ), purposely dropped my provided Photoshop image to 7 color stitching and modified the stitch file on screen, before stitching, to match the show's shirt logo stitch file colors (finished shirt is top of the three stacked in the image below). And yes, they still have the file available now for anyone to order these shirts ( not to buy the file ). I am not affiliated nor will recieve any income from same. I wanted them to get some benefit from this awesome custom service, as they charged me the normal price for a single run embroidery.

    After change of buttons, I was able to complete the shirt.

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    I then made some fake teeth using an online tutorial that was pretty down and dirty. Wire, hot glue and nail extensions. 


    But I was super happy with the results.
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    Then came the pain. Actual pain. Kyle, real name Christoph Sanders, has a really patchy set of facial hair. I had to pluck my way down to a screen match.

    This is the closeup pic of the actor. Much pain ensued and I was finally ready for my posing. Note the above pic is backward, as I needed to match by plucking my own hair in a mirror. Then out came the green screen and I pasted me over Kyle in the following scenes.

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    Nailed it!

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    This was my max facial likeness percentage from my likeness app:

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