Contacts - live actor eye treatments/affects

I have been watching classes for some months and have not come across any specific to contacts for eyes, color changes, iris shapes, etc.. I understand this to be a very touchy subject that threatens the very eyesight of the actor. Although it is avoided by most online sources out of a fear for liability, it would be nice to have some professional guidance on the use, application and safety of contact lenses due the very risk involved. As well as some background from the professionals that have used and currently apply these in their work. If there is a course that already has this, please guide me to it. If there is not, my perfect world example would include the from base color x to new color y color correction across all natural eye colors as well as the application and safety with known good sources for materials. @chr


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    Hi Darrell - For the reasons you've stated, we've made it a strict policy not to offer any official instruction on how to create, paint or apply FX contact lenses. Even the most established FX studios working on big-budget films must outsource to a licensed contact lens maker and specialized artist for this sort of work. We hope you understand.
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    Seeing your confirmation helps tremendously. There is too much he said / he said on the internet and it makes it seem like some believe it best left alone and others think it safe enough for cosplay beginners. If the pros leave it to specific specialists in the field, I will use only the contacts I receive from my optometrist and as directed.
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