3 Axis Puppet Controller- Finished

Awhile back I posted about a 3 axis puppet controller I was designing based on Richard Landon's featured in his course on Cable Mechanism Basics. I ended up becoming a member of Autodesk Technology Center's Outsight Network based on the work I was doing and got the opportunity to produce a real-world controller from my design. I thought it would be a great place to share it here first before any place else. 

Here we are wrapping on day one of filming a mini-doc about my experience: 



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    Hey Justin, Great to hear that our Cable Mechanisms Basics course with Richard Landon is in part responsible for this wonderful creative opportunity. Thanks so much for posting and please share the mini-doc when it's done!
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    The controller turned out great!  Hope we can see it in action! 

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    This is why I love doing videos and teaching what I know !!!  Justin, your controller looks beautiful - I really like the details and artistic flair you’ve added. It looks like an absolute Home Run to me. Keep us posted on updates and implementation. I’d like to see it in use. Thanks for posting and showing what you’ve done. Yay !!
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    I can't thank you enough for your class. Not only has it been extremely helpful to me in exploring animatronic assemblies, it actually was the pushing point for me to return to college to study Mechanical Engineering Technology and Machining. A lot of the artistic flair in the controller is generated by a machine-learning algorithm designed to reduce weight and increase stiffness. It looks like that to get the absolute most performance while using the least amount of material possible. I have designed a few more versions to be manufactured at the Autodesk Technology Center at Pier 9 as working prototypes to highlight the software's use in many different manufacturing capabilities when they open back up post covid. 

    As requested here are the video spots made by Autodesk Education: 



    I will see what I can do to get some mechanisms actually moving around. The day we went to shoot we realized the cable blocks weren't tapped correctly on this prototype so we couldn't get them to tighten down. 


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    Those are great videos !! I use Fusion 360 all day, everyday and can't agree more on its usability and ability to get you up and designing quickly. Justin has taken their basics, embraced the advanced abilities and folded in his years of experience to make functional and beautiful assemblies. SO happy to have been even a small part of this path ! Hope to see implementation in a creature soon !
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    Thank you for the feedback and compliments, Richard, I am glad to know my designs are taking me down the right path. As my residency with the tech centers finishes out I should be giving a presentation in SF with a few mechanisms leveraging more of this technology. 

    They sent me the third one of these advertisements today as well as letting me know the files to make this controller will be made available to students through the Autodesk Education website. I will pass that on for others here to use when it is posted as well.  

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    Awesome work!  So cool to see it go from idea to physical controller.

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