What's On Your Workbench? Show us what you're working on!

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We love seeing current projects from our community members.  Sharing your work on our forums not only gets your work seen by a large audience, it also motivates and inspires other artists.
You can either share images and videos below as comments on this discussion or post your own discussion with your work.  So don't be shy, show us what you've got!

What's On Your Workbench?

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  • Oh gosh I love diorama I would like to try someday! 
  • Merlin JacksonMerlin Jackson Los Angeles , Ca
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    This is on my Bench, decently comfortable with my animatronic eye build. It was decently difficult learning Fusion 360 to end up with a final product. Still have a little left to fix with the pulleys. But overall decently happy with my first project completed after taking a course on Stan Winston School of Character Arts. Next moving to the Jaw an Lip Mechanisms...  

    You can read about my journey on my blog. 
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  • Just a quick sculpt while waiting for a mold to cure......
  • KahulaKahula North Port, Florida
    I’ve been a bit busy here are some of my builds. Oh and credit where credits due... we have the best puppet teacher EVER! 😜
  • Working on my Voldemort cosplay for Halloween, can't wait to finish it!

  • Im currently working on my first monster suit! The head was sculpted and casted in latex and poly foam the body is fabricated out of EVA and Upholstery foam, please let me know what you think! 

  • Been worrying on a Bride of Frankenstein prosthetics this past week. Very happy how it came out.😊
  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    So many great projects!  It truly is inspiring to see what everyone is creating.


  • Xl jack n the box
  • Working on an EXPLORERS II teaser trailer and poster for fun.  Who needs a kitchen table over quarantine anyway.

  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Love it!  Making a studio scale model of Thunder Road from The Explorers is on my todo list!   Such an amazing film.

  • Thanks Chris!  
    Tonight I’m shooting the dolly and crane up cam move.  We’ll see if it works, then I want to composite the live action gang rebuilding the ship in a time lapse.  Who knows, could turn out horrible.  Haha

  • David ChanDavid Chan Germany
    Hi I'm working on my first full Resin Kit 1:6 scale. It shows a small diorama centaur vs sandworm. At first i created a sandworm but I changed to a sandworm  and half men to give him more expression.
    It will shows that that the centaur is trapped in the sand in the nest from the sandworm/men. 

  • KatalityKatality OKC, OK
    Working on a series of items for our Nightmare at Sea Halloween party! Mostly paper mache and cardboard props, but spending more time on actual costumes with foam clay, wire, etc.
  • KahulaKahula North Port, Florida
    what his is on my table 😉 I still have a ways to go But that’s okay 😉u

  • my plague doctor costume. Custom sculpt mask out of cardboard and cosplay foam clay.
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    The clay sculptMother Mold, Silicon Mold, Plastic Cast3D printed hands designed in SolidWorks
    Musie the Animatronic Robot!
  • Hello everyone!
    It's such a pleasure for me to be part of this amazing and creative community of people! I'm currently working on a vampire dude :D I wanted to get in a spooky mood in regards to coming up Halloween. I'm just at the start of my sculpting journey in my life and Stan Winston School is a great inspiration and helpful guide with all courses and videos. I enjoy so much to work with WED clay and basic sculpting tools. Let's see what future brings! Take care folks xx
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