What's On Your Workbench? (Summer 2020)



  • A new newborn to be cast in Ecoflex silicone.
  • Some work in progress for an old age makeup that will be broken down into 5 encapsulated silicone gel prosthetics. I'm hopefully going to have my head and shoulders life casted soon for some bigger projects.
  • Been working on these lifesize blue bust for awhile now. They were originally a commissioned piece, that has since turned into a bit of a partnership. We are making them to sell for collectors.  Here is a series of photos.
  • I'm using John Cherevka's course to learn how to reverse-paint eyes. I'm using glass beads and then cast them in resin spheres. You can see my progress from left to right in the last picture :) 
  • Hi. Just starting out and this is my first attempt sculpting with clay. I tried wood carving for a couple of years and it just got too frustrating for me. I’d spend hours on something and then ruin it by having the wood split out, etc. This seems to be very much more forgiving. Still waiting on some clay and some tools from Amazon and requested a few things for Christmas. This is Sargent Art Plastilina... seems pretty soft but it was cheap and just wanted to see if I enjoyed it before I invest into better stuff. 

    I’m on the 7 day trial right now but I’ve learned quite a bit in a few days about various different things. I’ve had this idea about “The Geriatric Avengers” and this is my first thought for Steve Rogers...going for whimsical. My eyes aren’t that great anymore so I will need to move up to a larger scale but I’m enjoying it - especially being able to change my mind or make a mistake without the piece being ruined and a waste of time.
    Hope everyone has a great holiday season and happy sculpting.

  • A design for the creature for Shannon Shea’s making monsters course.  Considering fleshing it out and building a stop motion puppet of it.
  • Sleep Demon and Dark Siren

  • A Godzilla sculpt and some goblin fingers. Monster Clay!
  • Just painted up this test head. The sculpt is by a friend of mine that a moulded, casted and painted. There were some air bubbles around the eye lids that I had to patch up. Made the eyes too. Getting better at silicone painting. Now just I have to punch some hair :) 
  • Here is my creation, know as The Cannabis Man I have been sent here from planet ganjinia to help rescue this miracle plant from persecution!, to be honest I am reaching out to the Stan Winston crew hoping that someone can help me take this to the next level, I am seeking some mechanical movements some led lights + smoke, not to mention my paint could use some realizm to make it look about 2000 years old and have been flying in and out of atmospheres saving the Cannabis plant from near extinction!  Please contact me via Email if you would like to be a part in helping the cannabis man!  #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


  • I was working the last weeks on my first commission. I am happy that I finally got a chance for it.
    It was not that easy especially the molding. But every project is a learning process.
  • I finally started the shot on my miniature set..  still need to add timelapse stars and add actors.

    Video clip

  • KahulaKahula
    edited December 2020
    Here’s what’s been on my bench the past month 😉 hope everyone is well. I’m just plugging away down here 😉 -Kahula

  • cold cast iron mask I'm working on for a friend not quite finnished yet as need some more adjustments but happy with the results so far. 
  • Orangutan suit swinging ahead. fat suit ,mesh over suit and hook looping the fur. A combination of reds and brown hakeled to tone down the red sheen   
  • Wow, so many amazing work benches!!!  I am impressed, baffled, excited, and really glad I finally checked out the community pages instead of just following my whimsy through the courses and pathways... wow on so many levels y'all!  my current project has been pipe guns... I started numbering them after I sold the 6th one, and I am now at #33... I have learned so many little lessons in crafting... like how much easier life is if everything can stand up if you need to glaze it... (I already knew this, I just learned that it was possible to apply to guns...) I learned that if you are putting a storage device with a cork in the handle, the guns will likely not stand with the cork in them unless I get lucky... So I started adding an extra lip to the handle/foot to raise it from the cork, though I still don't think I will actually have enough room for corks in all of them even with the added space... so I am skimming around looking for the right material and pouring technique to create silicone or rubber plugs that will be more flush and easier to apply to various shapes and sizes than corks... hopefully... who knows... I love watching all these videos though.  Thanks everyone for sharing.  I'm www.instagram.com/mycartoonlab for anyone who wants to see more work, (or wants to order custom ceramics...)  probably going to attempt making some of my infinite face vases into latex and or silicone masks eventually... I love it here with all this rewatchable yet also easily ignorable and easy to work while listening to content... I went ahead and included a picture of the acrobatic stilt use I needed to glaze the last batch of guns... the one I'm holding in the picture was number 6, and should have made me realize my glazing issues, as you can see a chunk missing from the handle from how I laid it in the kiln... but I am dense and rebel even against my own self interests... I also tend to type more than most posts on any forum require...
  • Brand new here! I've been building puppets, props and just about anything I can think of for years. I finally joined SWS today, and I look forward to sharing some of my work here. I focus mainly on my original puppet series "Transfatylvania" on youtube. I'll start things off by sharing a scale model of the title country I built. We all talk about world building well I actually built the world!
    Here's a video tour of this insidious nation of fleece skinned nightmares featuring a brief glimpse of my main character at the end!

  • Last weekend I worked on two mini facades, a castle wall and a jungle temple wall. Materials consisted of Plywood backing, then fleshed out and carved carved XPS/EPS foam, hard coated, textured and painted. Quick fun weekend project.

  • This is George.   He's a work in progress for sure: there's a few more underskull additions to go on, and of course his nice furry skin, but he's definitely on his way to his Hallowe'en 2021 debut (assuming Covid 19 is finally put on the ropes! :smile: ).      And here's a link to his first animation test.

  • ABOMINABLE, not done yeti. But I am very close maybe yet tonight. 
  • Workbench ....

  • Currently working on a wall decoration and making two Sirenas  (mythological aquatic creatures) with polymer clay. They`ve already got nice names: Alba and Ditha.  Ditha is still in process)  Sweet but dangerous girls)
  • Hi everyone, my latest project has been creating forms for eye making. I modeled the forms in fusion 360, printed on an elegoo Mars 2 resin printer. Over cast the clear part with smooth on crystal clear 202. Working on the bugs, these are only the initial tests. Lots of flaws but getting there. 
  • My name is Hakeem Ali from Iraq and you artists know the difficult situation because of the wars here.. but I am challenging all of this.  I love making art because it contains life and consider it the language of the world.. I read the history of Iraq and will work to design and implement the sculpture of all fictional characters in the near future. I made the first part of the epic of Gilgamesh and my work this is the beast Humbaba, the keeper of the cedar forests who fought Gilgamesh and Enkidu.. This scene and the movement of Humbaba is part  Only the first and the second part is Gilgamesh will be in front of Humbaba in his fight and he is under construction very soon. I will publish to you the character of Gilgamesh with a new design and movement while he is standing and fighting this Humbaba and the third part is Enkidu will be with them as well.  This is a scene from the epic of Gilgamesh.  I hope that I can get my message to Stan Winston School that I can design and sculpt and I have a lot of new ideas from Iraq’s Mesopotamia. I just need your support and this is my dream.  As I said, art is a human message and the language of the world..
    and I'm sorry my English is simple. 
    Thank you all 
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