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  • I would throw you a life ring but that would be more foam! LOL
  • Here's what I got done, just ran out of glue. Maybe it's a girl, lol.
  • With those boobs it better be :)
  • Need your ideas. How could I make the jaw open much further without adding gears?




  • 2 things I can't tell where you pivot is located. But adjusting your pivot placement may help. If the pivot is located behind your chin and your chin pushes down midway the jaw will open wider. Hope that makes sense. Second if you would add more padding under your chin it would cause it to open wider. Random thoughts
  • A clean canvas to burn the texture into! I'm going to draw in all the scales before I burn them in. And ill as in separate pieces for scales that are more exaggerated, same with the eye lids. And the risen casted eyes ill put in later. The inside of the mouth will constructed the same way.
  • Troy, this is better quality video. The pivot is pretty close to the joint. Not sure if this design is gonna do it. Thinking I have to go with a finger trigger.



  • Troy is right- if the pivot is back a bit and up and the wire at the end of the jaw line close to your ear. The angle will make up for the "small pull" your jaw gives. The jaw is angled up and should be the other way if that makes sense. Skype me if you need more (or better) explanation as my English is not good as I'm writing in Canadian lol
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    Totally re-did the head inners and will tether the head with bungie tomorrow. Almost finished the bottom half of the body in Pvc but ran out of T's. So I worked on the arm extensions and the horn. Tomorrow morning I'll run to Homedepot and get more T's and a better bungie. If I have more time I'll finish adding muscle to the arms and to the bottom back. Whew lol just in time for the spandex!
  • Another option to bungie that works well is exercise bands. They come in different tensions. Just a note for different ideas.
  • Justin that's looking real good.
  • I have started putting the tail together. It is carved out of 8in foam with 1/2 & 1/4 in foam plates.
  • Another pic of the tail
  • Ugh, just got back home. Had an emergency that took me out of the state for five days, so I didn't get as much done as I'd liked to have.

    http://s3.photobucket.com/user/SkanRashke/media/DSCF2157_zps641afef6.jpg.html  Sculpted the hands, although they need a good sanding and small texturing.

    http://s3.photobucket.com/user/SkanRashke/media/DSCF2158_zps56a7389f.jpg.html Final leg assembly, going to add eschew any further musculature on the hips because its going to be all fur, but I'm probably going to make the tail longer and more dinosaur like.

    http://s3.photobucket.com/user/SkanRashke/media/DSCF2156_zps842fd2ee.jpg.html Torso assembled, something went wrong with the darts in my pattern, so I'm not pleased with it, and will have to alter the suit around it.

    Oh well.
  • Finally getting to carve. My guys is starting to look less like a giant bell end.
  • My wife shot this- she was suppose to take a photo but did a small video. After watching this I noticed the stomach hasn't protruded out as big as my maquette. I think instead of redoing the bottom I just make a stomach and attach it, as well as his breasts and fix the shape a bit on the bottom.
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