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  • I did notice that Ted, I'm thinking if I texture the body it will help offset its big head. Lol
  • Thanks for the input.
  • Looks awesome Troy! Thanks for the feedback everyone! I love the stuff people are doing and love very post!
  • Well i thought id show you guys some pics before I cover it in 1/8" foam and burn in the detail. I love all your guy's work! Its so cool to see others making badass stuff!
  • Mouth open haha, ill put in teeth later :)
  • Wicked stuff Justin!
  • Can you glue the spandex (if its not pulled too tight) in between the muscles?
  • Justin that is looking fantastic.
  • Yes, it does!
  • Reminds me of a lizard version of SherKhan
  • Lol, to me it kinda looked like Zilla, and thanks!:DDD
  • Justin, totally cool! You added the eyebrows afterwards to a simpler head right? You didn't carve that deep into a block?
  • Justin!!! absolutely FANTASTIC!!! But you're going to burn texture and not wet foam?
  • James, yes you can glue the spandex. But I always prefer a machanical bond, like sewing, exspecialy if I'm ging to wet foam. I would hate to have the spandex come loose. But as I said, if it's being covered by clothing and not getting textured, glueing would do fine.
  • Yea, i want to get more a lizard patter since he's based off of an iguana, so his scales are more defined, that way i can use a variety of colors to make the scales pop.
  • And Peter, i made the head out of a pattern, i just find it to be easier that way for me when making smaller heads, then ill add some phones bits to enhance what areas i prefer to be more bolder, such as the brows to give him a more sinister look.
  • i mean to say foam...not phone...
  • Right, good point. If the glue pops, it would be bad. The area will be textured as he will have his shirt off in two shots - I thought maybe wet foam. But I'm not sure (I know nothing of the technique) if I can wet foam over the materials I am using or I can only do it over spandex? I'd like to wet foam over a burned surface to get that last touch of detail. Can I do that? Can I seal it with spray glue then wet foam? Can I wet foam a Lycra shirt that I have for the body? Is this too many questions? Should I wait till Saturday? What's the meaning to life, the universe and everything?
  • I wouldn't wet foam over a burned surface. It would defeat the burned texture... completely cover it that is. You can wet foam over the expossed foam or over spandex. But don't spray glue if you intend to wet foam.
  • Lol! James that rant was great.
  • James, that's exactly how I feel. Too many questions floating around in my head :)
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    Hey Everyone,
    So most of the work done this week has been interior and prep for this weekend. on Saturday I hope to begin the spandex stage. I will post pictures tomorrow night of the interior and the rest of the body. I also made the arm extensions.
    Here is my second test, this time with a moveable mouth. I found the lower jaw hard to open; so my thought was to cut out a section to allow the jaw to move with ease and not fight against the tension of the foam, later i'll add spandex. I started to work with a bike cable mech to open the mouth but found that just using my hand to puppeteer not only gave me more control over the head but also smoother, more natural movement. I braced the head with PVC so if I was to take my hand out of the head- the head won't sag, and will be supported. I also adjusted the head to look more Rhino like, and less "Bulky". Let me know what you think.
  • Tom that is so badass!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lol thanks.
  • I like it a lot Tom. But it seems that maybe you could get a bit more neck movement. If you're covering the neck with spandex you could cut away any of the foam behind the head and on the body that is crashing and keeping the neck from moving more free. You could also stretch the neck by maybe just a couple inches.
  • Ok, so I can basically mix as many texture techniques as I need to get the effect I want despite the difficulties of having a foam head, spandex neck, foam (and movable) body, etc? I guess my whole thing boils down to getting the surface to have a continuity to it and being able to paint with one kind of paint over several surfaces.
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    Right now the mouthplate is just reachable- I was going to actually shorten the distance between the head and body lol perhaps I'll get rid of the rig holding the head - it is pvc through a metal hoop. I'll use bungie cords to hold the head up - this might allow unrestricted movement. I'll try that. I'll also take your suggestion and cut away any foam behind the head and on the body. I think that should allow better movement to. I looked at the video and see what you mean with the bottom jaw hitting the body- never noticed that so I will shorten the jaw a bit to. Will post the results :-) Thanks for the feedback.
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  • Hey guys, I know I'm late for posting up homework. All I have to show right now is piles of foam strips which I'm gonna start gluing in a few minutes. I'll post up some pics when that's done.

    Tom, that guy is hilarious! He's got so much character already.
  • Thanks Ciara, 
    He is fun to manipulate. Funny thing is he is so big that he can hardly fit through a doorway lol 

  • HELP!! I'm drowning in foam!
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