Week Two Homework Gallery and Class Recordings

In this discussion: Please upload the images (4-6) of your work on your monster suit by Midnight (12AM PDT) Thursday, September 12th, (Latest Friday Morning). So Ted has time to asses your work and prepare as helpful a critique as possible. :)

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  • Please tell Matt that this is really something special that he's put together. After his inquiry today I was really thinking about it. I am so appreciative for the opportunity to meet with like minded people. I've been wondering where they all are and apparently it's everywhere but where I am :)


    I think he is absolutely right that fabrication can be so much bigger with the right pushes and he's creating a new world of fabricators with his school. Everyday I wake up thinking "How F***ing cool is this!". Just today I learned some serious tips on latex foam, not to mention "wet foam" was never even a thought in my mind for creating large characters (foam latex is the heaven of textures) and now I can think of making giant creations without having to use 2 tons of clay to sculpt. 

    I also got great tips from the others classmates on things I have been looking for but couldn't find on the net. I don't think I'm alone in thinking this is the best thing ever :)



  • Soooo behind, but finally got my patterns. I'm collecting them in a notebook so I can write notes to keep track of the patterns.
  • How are you blowing up your pattern? I used a video projector- super easy and cheap...if you have a video projector lol
  • Hey, sorry I missed the feedback part- I had to get ready and run for a bus! It was Saturday night over here ;) 
    I think the class is really incredible, there's nowhere else I could have found this information. I'm going to make a monster suit for my final major project in college, and I don't know how I would've done it without this class. I realise now I had no idea how they're made underneath the fur. 
    My only little quibble, which someone else said, is that the feedback went on a little long, but it's a good idea to keep the questions for the forums. Some questions benefit everyone, whereas others are specific to a particular costume. 
    And the Stan Winston School in general is just a brilliant resource for people, to have the top industry professionals sharing their knowledge is really something special. Good work Matt!!
  • Tom, I got one of the Tracer machines that ted has on his desk. It was only $75 on amazon and I figured it would cost at least half that at kinkos for only  one run.
  • Nice!
  • Got the mannequin done. Did one for my son too. He only cried a little bit.
  • Do one of your dog too? Kidding.

  • Got my head done and before I can work on the neck, for which I need spandex, I thought why waste time and started texturing the head. Loving it. Gonna do some temporary eyes tonight.
  • Yeah, that long feedback part would be my bad, Ciara. Sorry about that.
  • I say the longer the better. Sometimes things don't click until you actually talk them out. Plus I can always work on my suit while listening to other students feedback.
  • Hey everyone, So I finally got the rigging inside the top half done- I haven't fastened it to the body yet and I haven't glued all the joints- I wanted to test it and see if everything worked. I created a armature that extends out and provides me the head movement I need without sticking my arm out as originally planned lol I think the movement is a bit "jumpy" but I haven't set the bracing In the head or made clearance for the steering inside. Let me know what you think. Ps- I banged into the wall on purpose :)http://youtu.be/NRot6uvQqoU
  • Ted, I am having trouble piecing this together in my head. My character is wearing tight pants in the end product. Do I cover the foam in spandex underneath and again with the clothing? Also, with my characters bare arms and with your characters naked parts, do I cover in spandex and then cover in wet foam, or seal with spray glue? Also, are you gonna use a unitard on yours? I'm thinking I'm not going to because there's so much space between me and the outside that it would be pointless, seems the same with yours. Maybe in the arms only?
  • James, what did you use for the wrinkling around the eyes?
  • thinner foam that I beveled and spray glued on. Got that from the T-rex tutorials. Definately takes practice...

    textured a bit more, added ears, finished the belly, shoulders, etc. next hands, last is the neck. I made a butt-shaped pad that BARELY fit in my pants and gave me a bit of balance in the caboose. Tried a XXXL shirt on it but will need to cut open the back and sew in another section (I bought two shirts of the same material)
  • why are my photos sideways??

  • Ok so I have come to the realization that I will not be able to complete this in the allotted time frame. So I'm trying to complete the head to show some actual foam work, being that this is a foam class.
  • Holy smokes, son! That is awesome!

  • Troy and James. I love the pics that you've posted. Both projects are coming along beautifully. And Tom, love the video. This is directed at Troy's last comment. Don't try and rush to finish... and that goes for all of you. I want to see your progress and you must finish, but not at the expense of quality.

     Keep your comments and questions coming. I'm trying to find them and answer them.

     I'll also try to get through the live critique faster next time. I'd love to spend hours with all of you. I am as excited with your projects as I am with my own.

  • Tom that is awesome!
  • Thanks guys for your feedback. Troy your work is awesome! I'm not onto texturing yet but hope to be after tomorrow.
  • Started texturing the head. Did some eyes with 5min epoxy (takes longer than 5 minutes) and stuck 'em in just to see (hah)
    Definately needs some eyelids...
  • Hey James the is looking great! Good job with the texture.
  • Holy crap you guys, everyone's stuff looks so amazing. Troy, I wish I was making yours.

    Yeah, the feedback thing is no biggie, it's the best part of the course. I really think the best solution is to have 12 hour marathon classes, it's the only way.

    I'm still waaay behind, but I think my job will finish up tomorrow (please please please) so I can work on this day and night for the next 2 weeks.
  • Tom StewartTom Stewart ✭✭✭
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    Working on the back- I think I don't need that much detail as it is being covered by Spandex. I will continue the muscles all the way down the back but think I will only focus on the main muscles. It is super hot here and the wind comes and goes so it was a bit tricky spraying. :)
    I also sanded and made the interior structure for the arms. Tonight I hope to get it all ready for spandex.
  • Tom looking good. Ciara thanks for the compliments. I'm thinking about a design change and I would like some input. I am thinking about shortening the neck so the head rides higher. I have attached the body to the rig and I'm thinking it may look better if the head sits higher. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  • Looking at the pix here, yes, I'd say making it ride higher would be more true to your original design. I'd shorten it up quite a bit.
    The mouth looks really good as well.
    I'm with Ciara, I wish I was making yours too!

    Tom, yours is looking really good. Makes me wish I could do this rhino even bigger.

    Everyone's work is really good, I'm especially impressed with Ciara's attention to detail on piecing her body together.
  • Thanks James
  • James, Your texturing is coming along very nicely. And I love the eyes as well.

    Ciara! 12 HOURS?! ;)

    Tom, I'm enjoying the muscle structure you're adding. I can't remember if you are adding clothing or not. I would suggest that when you add the spandex that you maybe sew in between each muscle group. I KNOW... it sounds like a lot of work. But it will maintain all the wonderful work you've done on the muscles. But, if you're covering your character with clothing, then I wouldn't bother with the sewing sugestion.

    Troy, the shorter neck does look much better. It looks as if your head could have been about 15% smaller. When you made your pattern, you made from the outer most shape. But now you've added to that shape to create texture. So of course the head is bigger.

    I'm really impressed with everyones work. Keep it up!!!

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