*** Alien Art Contest Winner Announcement ***

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As extraterrestrial invasions go, our Alien Art Contest was one for the intergalactic record books. With nearly 300 wildly different otherworldy beings beaming into our Forums from all corners of the globe, in every medium imaginable, selecting a single "Supreme Leader" was nearly as impossible as the Millennium Falcon making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

And yet we are pleased to announce a winner! Our selection impressed us on many levels, from the originality of the design and the diversity of methods used, to the "wow-factor" of the final creation. So without further ado, ladies & gentlemen, space beings & cosmic creatures, please put your hands (or tendrils) together for this year's Grand Prize recipient, Arend Smith, for his multi-legged, many-eyed "Spider Alien Creature Suit!"

Arend explains that he "used lessons from this wonderful site to do every step. The creature is almost entirely slip cast latex with a foam understructure. The six legs link are all linked to the suit performer's legs so they move with the suit really well. The creature will be featured in the film "Violent Starr" which should be out next year. This was the first mask and suit that I had ever done and I was happy with how it turned out and the director's reaction to it was wonderful."

Arend, all of us at Stan Winston School are looking forward to seeing more of your Spider Alien in action on-screen, and hopefully this will only be the first of many alien, creature, and monster suits that you create.

Congratulations on winning the Grand Prize!

  • 1 Year UNLIMITED Subscription to SWSCA
  • Artist Spotlight on the SWSCA Blog
  • "Alien Collection" MelPAX Makeup Kit & Alien CC Cup Holder - Sponsored by MEL Products*
Thanks again to everyone who shared Alien art!

- Team Stan Winston School

Honorable Mentions:

Animatronic Alien by Devin Seman

Lypt by Motoki Hayase
General Snootax by Todd Davis 


  • Congrats to the winners and entries!!! 

    It was tun making an alien. Hope to See the next competition soon :smiley:
  • Thanks so much guys!!!! Can't believe I won with such a strong field of entries! So glad you guys liked the creature so much and I can't thank all of you at Stan Winston School enough for all the work you do to put together such an incredible resource for up and coming creators. I couldn't have taken on such a big project without you guys :) 
  • Congrats well done!!
  • Congrats! Well deserved ;-)
    I have seen the suit in action on set in Hamburg after i helped the suit performer to get in there, hihi. Very great suit <3
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