This is my original alien. His name is LYPT!!!
Please watch the movie first  :D

  • His height is 2 m 80 cm
  • His age is 42.
  • Combat power is 80.
  • Habitat is unknown... :( 

They were have built advanced civilizations with their own ecosystem but It was devastated by enemy attacks.
While imagining the story I made it.

I could made a cool poster by the iPhone :)


This is my original alien design.

Drawn with a pencil.

The left eye was damaged :'( 

Wed clay sculpture :D

There are many data on the wall.

End of sculpture  :) 
About 2weeks

Big mold.

This is Latex

Paint time!!!

Shooting scenery 

I made a cool poster

I'm 18years old.

I'm from Japan.

This is my YouTube channel


Thank you for viewing!! :D 


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