*** Creature Making Contest 2024 Winner Announcement ***

Big thanks to all of you fantastic creature makers who entered our 2024 Creature Making Contest! As always, your level of creativity was through the roof. With so many fun entries, it was nearly impossible to pick a single winner, but we are pleased to announce the Grand Prize goes to Collier Wilmes for his entry, Bob the mutant.

Collier, we enjoyed everything about Bob: the design, the sculpture, the paint job, the finishing work, and, of course, all those teeth. :) 

Congratulations! We can't wait to see the new masks you make with your prize package!

Grand Prize Package sponsored by our great friends at The Monster Makers.

Grand Prize Pack: Over $1,300 Value!

  • From The Monster Makers -  Approx $1,000 Value!
    • 1 Ed Head 2.0 Armature
    • 1 Alanna Head 2.0 Armature
    • 1 Half ED 2.0 Armature
    • 1 Pinhead Display Form
    • 1 40 lb. Case of new Monster Clay Green
    • 1 Super Deluxe Sculpting Tool Kit
    • 1 24 lb. Variety Pack Carton of Cosclay:
    • (Including Cosclay Sculpt, Cosclay Doll, and Cosclay Elements)
    • 1 variety Pack of Cosclay Liquids:
    • (Including C1 Separator, C2 Adhesive, C3 Sealer High Gloss, Stretch Effects, Liquid Cosclay, and Firm FX)
  • From Stan Winston School
    • 1-Year Unlimited Subscription to Stan Winston School - $359.94 value!
    • Artist Spotlight on the Stan Winston School Blog - PRICELESS

Grand Prize Winner:

Bob the mutant by Collier Wilmes


Princess Tar-Anatu by mr_spacelobster

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

The Warrior silicone full mask by MaxLevL Studio

The Widower by David Gentry

Fantasy Sphynx Cat half mask by TashaPearceFX

GLUG (fishy creature) by Shannon Lynce

The Noseman by Michael Bouma

The Tooth Fairy by GingerlytwistedbyPj

Felony - Silicone Mask with Tentacles by TessaLaingStageArt

Calibos makeup by Brian Mahoney

- Team SWSCA

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