“The Tooth Fairy”

This is my sculptural interpretation of the tooth fairy

Rather than a sweet fairy collecting teeth and leaving a bit of money mine is rather sinister 

This tooth fairy scurries about during the darkest hours of the night in search of teeth.  He’s light on his feet,, very fast and takes flight to evade and attack. 
His fervor is driven by his need to absorb the life force from these teeth to replenish and sustain his own life force. 
He gathers these teeth by any means possible. It is  best to leave a tooth voluntarily whenever possible because he has been known to pry open mouths with his long fingers and brutally take his coveted teeth so that he can then imbed them into his flesh where they are absorbed in order to sustain his life. He must constantly replace them or he shall cease to exist. His desire to seek out fresh teeth has created a crazed untrustworthy fiend, 

Title :
“The Tooth Fairy”
Pj Halliwill 

13” H

Cosclay (sculpted over armature, GITD teeth, Liquid FX Glow for the wings)
Composite teeth 
Glass eyes 


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