Adam Ant Then and Now, Adam Ant impersonation cosplay costume

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In progress, apologies for partial post, draft feature seems to not be working on my phone.

I have spent quite a bit of research time on Adam Ant's decades of style, in costumes and everyday attire. I am attempting to recreate some of the innumerable looks he has cast over his 40 plus years of fashion design. Oh ya, same guy, ultra famous pop/punk singer, song writer, choreograoher, set, father, mentor, and coming to my own home state this May on his 2024 world music tour.

I had started with the intent of one 80's costume and one 2020's music tour costume but iit has devolved into an endless list of possibilities.

Along the way I am creating costume clothing, hats, jewelry, makeup and aging/de-aging techniques and props. This first batch is what I had earlier listed in "What's on your workbench", here on Stan Winston School.

  • This season finds me losing weight to finally get my pose pictures for my Will Turner cosplay.... still. However, I am touching up my Bard the Bowman for a skinny me attempt at a passable likeness. I was about 30 pounds overweight on my original pics. Since both outfits were very nearly complete, I took on the insane task of an Adam Ant cosplay both Then and Now. 80s, 2012 and 2020. So I get to really use my Stan Winston aging tricks, up and down the ages. My current work is mostly props, rings, clothing, hats, etc. but will get into facial hair and aging nearer to pose time. Here are a few of my hand made or customized items (some still in progress):

    This replica is 30 dollars in lieu of Adam's 20,000 version.
  • My apologies. I forgot to mention that I did not make the silver skull ring nor the belt buckle ring. The red skull ring I made from a base skull ring reshaped and then painted. All other rings are made from blank base stock rings by me. The watch was modified only on the face. The bracelet was modified by the addition of center catch and side clasp. All chrome items were repainted to have a more classic silver look. The heart pendant was repainted only and I added the extra silver band. The glasses started as a larger lens version and were dismantled, shaved considerably and rebonded then painted. The tricorn was started on a base felt tricorn and had only the matching edging upgraded. The bicorn, not yet complete, is completely from scratch. The Indian head nickel ring was the most difficult and has two mini coins and one main coin bonded to it. The small black pinky ring was made without a starting blank. It is complete scratch built from aluminum window trim, cut, shaped and painted.

    Clipping this post here for length - continued...


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    Further progress has, thank goodness, occurred. I have a full step by step blog running on therpf (Replica Prop Forum) at:

    Thread 'Adam Ant, Then and now'

    But here are some of my finished poses, props, and comparison pictures (many months still to go):

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    I was ecstatic when I completed Adam's insanely famous tricorn, pirate, highwayman hat but then I took on the challenge of a from scratch build of his comeback tour bicorn. This hat is epic Adam Ant, designed and hand crafted by Phillipino Milliner, Mich Dulce. According to news posts, only two were ever made..... so mine is the third (insert maniacal grin here). Adam wore this hat on many world tours and embellished it further on each go around. The hat originally was decorated only with the single leather badge with Adam and Mich's names. Since then it has been enhanced with a playing card, a Scottish clan clasp, a piece of clan tartan, an 80's Adam Ant band pin and the final addition of feathers (possibly not in that order).

    So far, I have fashioned a hat from scratch, fashioned the leather badge from scratch, printed the playing card, printed and crafted the clan pin, created a small portion of tartan and purchased the appropriate band pin. Here is one of my demo pictures showing the current state of this build:

    And here is a far more recent picture (stylized) of Adam and his bicorn:

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  • My highest current likeness value was in the leather jacket photo session at 79 percent. Of course, my hope is to break the 80 percent range with some facial prosthetics and further hair work.

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