What's On Your Workbench? (Summer 2023)

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What's On Your Workbench?


  • Darrell GreenDarrell Green ✭✭✭
    edited June 22
    Had a short duration side project for my wife's Latin class. All hand made...

    I would like to take a serious shot at overlaying this foil eagle with supersculpy and making a true replica of one of the existing original Roman standard eagles. This standard was tubing, cloth, tacks, straps, rope, shoelace, aluminum foil, scotch tape and gold paint. I did have assistance on getting a vinyl reverse stencil for painting the spqr. It is a cricket vinyl cut, oversprayed in gold and then removed. I was too lazy to break out my own professional cutter. Oh and the two medallions are biscuit tubing ends.
  • Looks good to me. Could be a movie prop for sure, biscuit ends and all!
  • Working on a pair of raptors for Dragoncon... What have I gotten myself into?  :o

  • Working on a pair of raptors for Dragoncon... What have I gotten myself into?  :o

    The eyes really bring it together. 
  • As for my stuff it's rather scattered this summer. Four things currently going on. Sometimes I like to sculpt, sometimes paint and then some of both. The #1 picture is a Werewolf resin head I purchased but decided I want some body with it so I am sculpting the upper chest from Alien Clay. Added the stand too. Will paint when done. #2 picture is same sort of thing, purchased resin head (Nazi Zombie) but needed to add some upper torso (Chavant clay) and I made a 3D printed stand as well. #3 is a plaster face mold made from a sculpt to pour silicone so I can practice face painting a silicone ape face. #4 is a purchased Hornet Man to paint, but need to cast some silicone bug eyes for it. Small beads pushed into Chavant clay on plaster then pour the second part of the mold. Lots of painting ahead for me. Happy projects everyone.
    Good at more than one artform, has multiple projects running at once.... reminds me of someone... You wouldn't happen to be sketching an ornithopter as well?
  • Today, I worked on my orc's teeth! Casting it with dental acrylic (That thing STINKS a lot more than I thought ☠️😵😵‍💫). Then I let it cure properly, and then grinded the excess from the casting process. 

    Now, the one part I'm TRULY happy with: the paint! I just can't believe I did that on a first try! :O
  • Working on a pair of raptors for Dragoncon... What have I gotten myself into?  :o

    I am SOOOO excited to see this at DragonCon! I will be looking for you everywhere!
  • I'm currently working on Evil Ash from Army of Darkness for DragonCon. I just got the mask cast today and will be patching/seaming tomorrow. The skull helmet is almost done as well, just have a little more paint I want to add. I've started on some of the armor, but don't have a progress pic yet.

  • Darrell GreenDarrell Green ✭✭✭
    Totally sweet work!!! Looks awesome!!
  • Little update on my orc sculpt. I didn't touch my sculpt for almost 3 months and looked at it pretty often from every angle. I saw some small details here and there that seemed off, so I worked on the shapes, textures and details to make it look more organic, more natural. I think it paid off to analyse without doing any changes for a while 
  • Guess what's cookin' on my workbench? Miniatures of the Titanic Cargo Hold for my short film! 🚢
    It's a 1/5 scale model made with wood and expanded polyurethane foam. And the best part? This miniature will be flooded and submerged! 🌊
    Wish me luck on this wet filming! It's a complex project, but I'm loving every bit of it! 💙

  • This is my son as Hoggle for the Labyrinth Ball this last weekend. We sculpted, molded, and cast the head. My Brilliant wife fabricated the vest to perfection  and we fabricated the costume in all the details including all the bobbles on his bandolier. He was the hit of the ball. I sculpted the head in monster clay, did a 2 part UltraCal stone mold. I dwelled the latex for 2 and half hours then once it was fully cured i brushed in a thin layer of expanding foam for structure. After demolding I cut eye, ear and mouth holes so he could see and breath.  We painted it with Pax paints and punched the hair. this was so far out of my comfort zone but thanks to all the lessons here on SW I felt like I could do it. Special Thanks to my teachers on here that helped me and gave me hints and tips. Timothy Martins class on mask making was everything to helping me know what to do. Rick Lazarrini and Ted Haines also helped me so much. The training and support of Stan Winston School, it's teachers, and community have been so important to us finishing this project. We are so grateful for all you share with us.
  • Very,very cool project.
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