What's On Your Workbench? (Spring 2023)

We love seeing current projects from our community members.  Sharing your work on our forums not only gets your work seen by a large audience but also motivates and inspires other artists.  We may even feature some of your projects on our social media!

You can either share images and videos below as comments on this discussion or post your own discussion with your work.  So don't be shy, show us what you've got!

What's On Your Workbench?


  • We just finished our tour of The Horse and His Boy. 41 shows in 38 days was intense to say the least. I have a lot of repairs and improvements ahead of me before we head back out this summer.

    In the mean time, we have a student production coming up a the end of the month, Pilgrim's Progress. I've been teaching our students a lot about foam fabrication and some basic mechanical stuff too. This is our prototype of the Giant Despair, currently all Styrofoam, plastic bags, twine, various hinges and other scrap metals and EVA. We're starting the final now.

    Also working on parts for a demon character Apollyon:

    And some 3d modeling for props. The Key of Promise:
  • So you have some spare time then? :)
  • Awesome work, and congrats on wrapping the tour!

  • Key word. . . some  :D  
    Thanks Chris

  • And some 3d modeling for props. The Key of Promise:
    What CAD program are you using for this key?
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