Straight to skin silicone application

I am searching through current classes and am focused on finding straight to skin, wet-applied, quick set, silicone. Pre-colored for skin and/or wound, or colorable prior to applying. My guess is Skin-Tite or similar, and likely using SilcPig as colorant. Can you remember anyone using skintite model/brand in class? My hope is using, non latex/non sulfur and silicone friendly, makeup as colorant within the silicone itself.


  • Hey @Darrell Green Check out our course "Makeup Blood FX - Blow Your Brains Out" for a demonstration of using 3rd Degree Silicone Modeling Compound to build up a silicone appliance directly onto the skin.

    Start viewing at Chapter 9:

    3rd Degree is a great product that can be found easily online. Skin Tite is also a terrific product and works pretty much exactly the same if you'd prefer to go that route.
  • This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you.
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    I received a Dermaflage kit, it is spectacular. The silicone did match my skin tone first time ordered so kudos to them on their sales site tools for getting the right color. The product looks great but I have issues with my booth and don't have the appropriate mirrors or camera setup for self application. I can't successfully work on the side of my own head, ears. Please advise.

    In the meanwhile I am experimenting with the two part silicones we discussed above, while also using the applicator tools and texture pad (imitation skin texture) that I got with my Dermaflage scar coverage makeup kit. The following was 50 50 two part mixed silicone with a light mineral powder foundation mixed directly in (also lightly added on top after the silicone cured). I stirred for about 30 seconds, applied about a 1/3 pea size portion and pressed with the Dermaflage skin texture pad for two to three minutes. The area covered is about the size of a Quarter (25cents). It is very nearly impossible to find on my hand. I purposely took the picture to put the reflection of the light bulb in the covered area (the shiny dot).

    I would definitely say this is a successful technique. When I do get to work on my ears, I will update in my other post about the ear sculpt using collodian and covering it with this silicone.
  • Nice, glad it's working for you!  As far as self-application on the side of your head, that sounds like a real challenge for sure!  If you can't get a good view using multiple mirrors, it might be possible to set up a webcam and view it from a computer screen.  But that would still be quite difficult!

  • I am setting up the camera in my work area tonight.
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