Smoothing dry skin

I am running into dry skin that I need to smooth. I realized these are areas that were windburned recently during a cold hike. I have been moisturizing with an enriched cream but am now curious what is used on day of shooting if someone comes in with this injured and now healing skin on an actor. Same dry patch as a healing sunburn or minor rub burn. While I was doing some test shadowing for a cosplay makeup, I noted this area really stood out as grainy, like actual sand on the surface, in my test photos. Any pointers?. In my case it will of course heal but am curious now about how to deal with an actor needing to be filmed same day.


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    Hey @Darrell Green I passed along your question to pro makeup artist Chloe Sens and here's her advice. Hope it helps!

    "I always have exfoliating pads in my kit. My favorite are “Ultraluxe triple acid exfoliating pads” you can also get drug store brands in the acne section. Start with a pad in circular motions in both directions over the dry skin. Then wipe the skin with Khiels astringent (my preference) or micellular water or witch hazel.
    Depending on the level of dryness for the skin I do “Paw Paw” ointment over the area for very dry and let it sit for at least 5 min. For dry to normal skin I use “Embryolisse Lait Crème concentrate” that’s a staple in my kit for all skin types. No chemicals and great for sensitive skin. Frends Beauty Supply carries all of this."
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    Thank you for the tips and process. I will get these in my bag and start practicing.
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    Our pleasure. Let us know how it goes @Darrell Green!
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    Using a hydrating primer before applying makeup can create a smoother base and help lock in moisture. It's a good trick to consider.
    When applying makeup, use a damp makeup sponge for your foundation. This can help avoid accentuating dry patches. Also, opt for makeup products that are specifically designed for hydration, like setting sprays.
    For actors needing a quick fix on the same day of shooting, makeup artists often have specialized products and techniques to create a smoother appearance despite dry or irritated skin.

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