Can rigid collodian be used on the nose?

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I used rigid collodian for the first time for my Dicaprio/Revenant scars and it worked well. I had not seen all the cautionary warnings even after viewing at least ten how-to online and did not have any of the adverse reactions in those warnings. Likely because I did not peel it off but instead used the appropriate remover.

However, I am wondering if the cautions are for more than just the possibility that it will bind and lift skin during removal. I ask because Mehron says to not use on eyelids nor lips but several other sites say no to nose as well. Is there any definitive answer or proper use process that would allow use on the nose? I just don't hear Mehron say no nose but maybe I am just missing it.

What areas do the professionals use it on?


  • Hey @Darrell Green I passed your question along to Stan Winston School instructor and makeup effects master Bruce Spaulding Fuller and he says it's fine to use on the nose, and even on the lips.

    Here's what he says:

    "It's ok to use on the face but keep away from the eyes - it's very fumey and difficult to remove. Lips okay too. Take a look at Tom Berenger's scar in Platoon - all rigid collodion."

  • Thank you and to Bruce. Chris had pointed me to this product on a previous cosplay build and I was worried I had strayed outside the safety zone since that time. As always, I very much appreciate having access to this level of experts. 
  • It's our pleasure, @Darrell Green
    Looking forward to seeing how your next round of tests turn out!
  • @Matt Winston My experimenting is in attempting to use collodian as a negative sculpting technique, non destructive and completely temporary, because of its shrinking effect. While also using this shrinking to directionaly pull like skin taping is done. The following is a series of my clean unmodified ear, then Orlando Bloom's ear and then my modified collodian ear. No additional prosthetic nor fill. I have not done makeup coverage so the collodian is not hidden in this picture. For a first attempt, I think it proves the concept. Due to his ear being less fleshy than mine, I did not want to sculpt a prosthetic as it would add not subtract. I believe it can be smoothed, unglossed and colored with practice and mild use of bondo or a cream base and some no color powder. Any pointers would be appreciated as I am still building my basic skills.

  • Too many times, I have heard people say you can't truly disguise your ears and that the ears are the easiest way to point out an impersonator.
  • Wow @Darrell Green I'm impressed with how the first test turned out. Looking forward to seeing how the next test works and how your ear looks after you've done some makeup coverage. I very much admire your dedication to your projects!
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