Mastering Marionettes Part 1 - Design, Build, & Animate


Learn to design and build marionettes with world-renowned marionette artist and puppet builder Scott Land (Team America, The Princess Diaries 2). 

If you've ever wanted to create and operate your own Pinocchio (or stringed monster puppet), you'll learn everything you need to know in this master class on the fine art of marionette making. In Part One of his 2-Part Webcourse series, Land teaches you to conceive and construct a stringed puppet, including expert tips on character design, urethane casting, carving techniques, joint fabrication, facial animation, and more!


  • Designing a marionette
  • Casting and carving a urethane head
  • Anatomy and movement
  • Eye and mouth animation
  • Building and Reinforcing Joints



  • Does anyone know what type of foam was used for the body? I tried using Foam it! 3 and it was too brittle. Would Foam it! 15 be a better choice?
  • The number in the Foam It polyurethane foam series is the density of the foam.  Lighter densities will be more brittle as there is more air.

    The 15lb (or even 10lb or 8lb) density would be much stronger (and as a result heavier) than the 3lb you tried.  I would give that a shot, and if it's too heavy you can always try a less dense foam.  Even moving up to a 5lb would be almost twice as strong.

    I believe the foam he used was made by Silpak, but I don't recall if he mentions the exact density as that is often a matter of preference depending on the size/weight/strength of the piece you want to create.  

    The Smooth-On foams will work just fine, It's just a matter of finding the right density for your project.

  • Thank you, Chris! That helps a lot!
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