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  • I know this class will be focusing more on traditional sculpting, but has anyone here worked with digital sculpting programs? If so is there a particular program you prefer?

    I've been using zBrush (since I know Hasbro uses it) and I've found it eliminates a lot of what held me up on working with waxes and clay.
  • Hello! I did sculpt a little using 3Ds max a few years ago, mostly making models used in unity.
  • Hi,
    I'm using  Zbrush and Maya but I love the traditional sculpting. :)
    Nice to know you guys.
  • Hello,
    I'm a traditional sculptor. I make poseable dolls, though this will be my first time making an action figure. I do a lot of digital work (mostly for illustration/design), however I prefer to work with physical mediums when sculpting. I heard that you could sculpt traditionally then scan it into zbrush? Does anyone know more about that?
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