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    I know this class will be focusing more on traditional sculpting, but has anyone here worked with digital sculpting programs? If so is there a particular program you prefer?

    I've been using zBrush (since I know Hasbro uses it) and I've found it eliminates a lot of what held me up on working with waxes and clay.
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    Hello! I did sculpt a little using 3Ds max a few years ago, mostly making models used in unity.
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    I'm using  Zbrush and Maya but I love the traditional sculpting. :)
    Nice to know you guys.
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    I'm a traditional sculptor. I make poseable dolls, though this will be my first time making an action figure. I do a lot of digital work (mostly for illustration/design), however I prefer to work with physical mediums when sculpting. I heard that you could sculpt traditionally then scan it into zbrush? Does anyone know more about that?
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    Greetings all. I realize this is about 6 years later (insert witty Riff Raff and Time 
    Warp ref here...).
    Just finished parts 1 & 2, all felt informative and still very relevant. My history is a little bass ackward coming from traditional that went digital and is now melding both with resin 3D print and really digging into clay properly now much later in life. Point being that a lot of tooling is figured out and joints can essentially be printed as needed to custom size, etc. -for my intended workflow at any rate. I found many ways for thinking through it all after watching this course and it filled in a shedload of blanks I had.
    I'm the Harryhousen, Blaisdell, Don Post, Frazetta nostalgic sort, I need to know because the kid in me is still demanding answers from the 70s. 
    Thank you Sandy, even years later. Learned tons, especially with book references and the mind aspects to approach, as well as industry insight.
    And thank you Matt Winston for keeping the gates open and the torch ever so bright.
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    Also, for anyone stumped looking for books mentioned in the course, I did manage to find Sculpture Inside and Out by Malvina Hoffman as an online readable version at a site called archive dot org. It is basically a video that is designed to click page by page. "Heads and Tails" is also up there, but I believe it requires a membership to see that one over a certain time limit.
    Edit: Gang... she knew Rodin. Nuff sed :)
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    Hi James,

    Glad you enjoyed the course!  Finding older books can be a challenge, especially if they are out of publication.  Every so often they can show up on ebay or other used book sites too.

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